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Eco friendly puffa/parka, does it exist?

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TheFurryMenace Sat 20-Oct-18 08:18:31

I don't spend much on clothes, but I really need a warm winter coat to see me through really cold weather. Ive looked online for coats but they either seem to contain synthetic microfibres/polyester or goose down. It seems I can choose whether to pollute with plastics or harm birds, neither of which I want to do.

Any suggestions of good coats would be welcome please.

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theboxofdelights Sat 20-Oct-18 08:24:29

Patagonia are an environmentally aware company.

LuluBellaBlue Sat 20-Oct-18 08:26:55

I recall Tommy Hillfiger has a recycled coat, I recently posted in style and beauty as wanted a non down, fake fur hooded winter coat and quite a few people suggested various ethical brands...... but can’t find the thread now confused

This article has some good brands to check out

TheFurryMenace Sat 20-Oct-18 09:54:56

Thank you both for the links. The Patagonia is probably the best I can do at the moment, although its polyester which isnt great for the sea, I guess at least the materials are recycled.

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DisMember Sat 20-Oct-18 10:17:08

Rab & Montane are on a par with Patagonia now following the allied down standard/recycling polyester.

Western Mountaineering use down that has been shed naturally rather than as a bi-product of the meat industry.

Paramo uses no flouro carbons in its ski wear but don’t tend to do puffer/baffled styles. They also tend to be more garish in colour/design imo.

TheFurryMenace Wed 24-Oct-18 18:11:38

Thanks for all the recommendations, I bought a Jack Wolfskin one in the end. Tried the Patagonia, but wasnt warm enough for what I want it for. The JW one is nearly 100% recyled materials, so at least that is better than buying something made from new fibers at least.

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JanetLovesJason Wed 07-Nov-18 05:57:08


FaceLikeAPairOfTits Thu 20-Dec-18 06:22:53

Just popping on to say that I also have a Jack Wolfskin recycled coat and it's great, v warm and v light.

KittenEsque Thu 20-Dec-18 07:08:47

Ecoalf ismade from recycled fishing nets

ImperfectTents Thu 20-Dec-18 09:12:44


KittenEsque Thu 20-Dec-18 09:19:31

Finisterre quality has really deteriorated in the last few years. Very disappointing. They’ve diluted a lot, both in terms of quality and ethics.

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