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Does anyone make their own kombucha? I'm feeling a bit bad about all the bottles I've bought

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nhssecretary Mon 24-Sep-18 10:20:00

can anyone tell me which is a good starter and also if it is worth making my own

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TawnyPippit Mon 24-Sep-18 10:29:28

Yes, I do. Its super easy when you get into it and I think I get very good results. Plus cheap as chips - its basically sweet black tea.

I got a starter kit about 2 years ago from a health store, which had a scoby in it and have taken it from there. I think it cost about £12, but I'm sure there are cheaper ways of getting a scoby - I've also grown one from scratch from one of my livelier bottles. I think you can probably even get one from a bottle you buy - its the jelly like blob you sometimes find in it.

There is a small amount of trial and error involved, but once you get into the swing of it, it is really very simple.

nhssecretary Mon 24-Sep-18 10:56:24

I will need to give it a go!
Thank you so much for all of the information it's very helpful smile

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