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Repairing cloth nappies?

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TryingToStayRational Tue 16-Oct-18 20:35:01

Try Ali’s cloth shop on Facebook

penguinpurple Sat 29-Sep-18 18:58:18

If you can't be doing with the hassle could you sell cheaply/donate them to someone who can and buy some cheap second hand ones in slightly better condition?
I'm sure you can find 2nd hand nappies cheaper than £12 each and it doesn't matter if they are quite worn if you only need for a few months.

NotMeNoNo Sun 02-Sep-18 20:13:02

If you are going to be an eco mum you need to brush up your make do and mend skills! It's a really small sewing job.

Cynderella Sun 02-Sep-18 20:06:05

You can buy strips of velcro in different widths and lengths, and in different 'strength's'. Amazon has a range, but I'm sure you could find them easily elsewhere too.

You then just need to cut to size and stitch on to either the fabric of the nappy or the old velcro.

Easy! If you really can't do it yourself, do you have a friend or relative who would help you out? Ask on a local Facebook page?

newtlover Sun 02-Sep-18 20:01:38

it would only take a few minutes to replace the velcro
if you really can't do it, ask someone who can to show you how- you will then have a transferable skill

StrangeAndCharmed Sun 02-Sep-18 19:56:47

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StrangeAndCharmed Sun 02-Sep-18 19:56:05

We’ve been using Bambino Mio all in one velcro nappies for the past 20 months.

They were bought new. They have had a lot of use as we only use disposables for holidays and nights.

The velcro has worn out on quite a few of them now and they no longer stay closed. So my little one gets soaked. I’ve cleaned them of all fluff etc out of the velcro but it has made no difference.

I know that our local dry cleaner / mender will charge about £12 each which isn’t far off how much it would cost to buy them again. But this would defeat the purpose of reducing landfill. Plus our little one will be toilet trained in about 6 months time so really not worth it.

I’m useless at sewing and have no free time to mend them myself.

Does anyone know of someone/ a company who would put on new velcro? I’ve had a google and can’t find any information. However, was hoping there may be a eco nappy repair company who may be able to help.

Thanks for any recommendations

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