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Maggots in wheelie bin!

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chestnutty Mon 04-Jun-07 19:43:10

We are on a once a fortnight collection and I have just found maggots at the bottom , after a collection.
killed the critters and bleached the bin.
I'm all for recycling but Ewhhhhhhhhhhh!.
Had to take the scrappings from the bottom of the bin to the tip tonight- there is no way I could keep the maggot infested rubbish for two weeks.
Can't we have weekly collection in summer and still recycle?

whomovedmychocolate Mon 04-Jun-07 19:47:07

I found a rat in mine!

I called the council and they said: well you should double wrap! But for goodness sake the whole point is plastic goes in the plastics bin and non-recyclables in the non-recyclable bin.

I know keep a brick on the bin at all times, the flies can't get in to make maggots and no vermin can get in if they can't get air and access.

They also never sodding empty it properly, there is always gunk at the bottom when it's been 'emptied'.

chestnutty Mon 04-Jun-07 19:51:42

Once opened my compost bin to find a mouse/rat staring back at me! i closed it so fast i don't know which it was!

whomovedmychocolate Mon 04-Jun-07 19:56:07

Chestnutty - did it have big ears? If so it was a rat. It was more likely to be a rat TBH. Mice aren't normally that arrogant.

newlifenewname Mon 04-Jun-07 19:57:33

I had this in London on a weekly collection. They were all over my bin. Fortunately our then Au Pair was very happy to deal with it for me. No such luck this summer.

I am really concerned since I now have to carry my rubbish through the house every Tuesday morning. No maggots last Tues but there may be some tomorrow.


fannyannie Mon 04-Jun-07 19:58:15

we got maggots in our bin with weekly collections............

whomovedmychocolate Mon 04-Jun-07 20:07:55

Apparently tea tree oil deters the flies that create maggots.

mumfor1standfinaltime Mon 04-Jun-07 20:13:04

We have a wheelie bin cleaning service in our area. I keep thinking of doing that, some little men come around with a fancy pants cleaning machine once a fortnight. Do you have anything like that?

We are still weekly collection at the moment, it will change soon. I am having to use those tiny green lidded recycling tubs which are useless and the lids always blow away.
I don't have any problem with fortnightly collections as long as the Council give out wheelie bins for all recycling, and not just glass and card!

whomovedmychocolate Mon 04-Jun-07 20:30:09

My council is piloting the composting food waste program so you put food waste in the garden waste bin (there will be feck all in our bin at this rate!) I'm not sure if this will make the problem better or worse though.

pinnate Sat 31-Jul-10 09:31:12

Hi, I have the same - and recurring problem. I poured bleach all over them and killed them off and washed the bin once the rubbish had been collected. Now with 2 bags in it there are even more of them. I've tried spraying with bleach but this doesn't kill that many of them, I've just got a load now nearer the top of the bin and the rubbish will start rotting in the water at the bottom.

My daughter has obsessive compulsive disorder around hygiene issues so this is a real, real problem for us. I've heard that tea tree oil deters the flies in the first place. Does any one know if this works or anything else; preferably a powder?

1510saxon Mon 23-Aug-10 13:31:10

When i went out side this morning the maggots were so bad in and around my bin that it looked like someone had dropped rice. We keep out bin lids shut and bin was fine yesterday. it was truly disgusting!!
Any ideas on how to keep them out

braeburn8 Sun 29-Aug-10 18:47:29

I am a double bagging, bin linering, vegitarian who disposes of almost no food waste in my wheelie bin. Yet the number of flies in and around my garden this year has risen beyond anything I have ever experienced in the past forty years living in the UK, or abroad.
I wonder if anyone has made a calculation of the environmental or monetary cost of the extra double/triple/quadruple plastic bagging, chemical deterrents, insecticides and bin washing materials and services fortnightly bin collection has caused?
The current policy of fortnightly bin collection appears good from the one sided view of councils and their accountants charged with reducing centralised costs. They have the happy position of not requiring to account for the costs defrayed to others by the resultant actions they take to reduce their costs.
The ubiquitous "no evidence", of increased health risks seems to precede any official statements on the subject of fortnightly bin collections; which is an unprovable condition.
Have there ever been statistics kept on the hazards of increased house fly, or vermine numbers?
Without this there has never been any evidence for, or against hazards to health from their numbers.
How many flies, and vermine in the environment is healthy for the human population I wonder?
Should we be experimenting to increase and perhaps optimise that number at the correct level for our wellbeing?
Are councils content to wait for a potential outbreak of life threatening disease, or a rise in the incidence of other less potent disease e.g. toxicara, before taking action?
Please remember the heroic efforts of John Snow and how long it took to "prove", with statistics that cholera was a water bourne disease. Something the vested interests of the day circa 1850, would not admit.
Until John Snow completed his work there was "no evidence" of anything wrong with the water supply, even "germs", were not known about at that time.
I wonder what statistical, or other "proofs" will it take to convince councils that we do not like flies, or increased vermine numbers; neither home grown, nor by our more, or less hygienically minded neighbours, in our environment?

Tankgirlmam Fri 03-Sep-10 15:18:00

Iv had maggots in my wheelie bin for the past few days and the bin men have just been and there’s still tuns of maggots inside, iv just poured bleach all over them and a kettle of boiling hot water and fly spray inside and im leaving it for a hour.. im just debating were it should go now down the drain? what if there still alive and we get hundreds of flies fru the drain pipes in the house... fly’s and maggots make me sick!!! Anyways I im going to give it a real good clean with the outside sweeping brush, bleach and steaming hot water, keep the bin in the shade and double bag everything and tipple bag meats oh and try to only have meats like chicken closer to bin day, witch will be difficult since they only come fortnightly :l …

oldraver Sun 03-Apr-11 20:48:07

I know this is an old thread but with the weather warming up and we now have a fortnightly non-reyclable collection these are going to be more of a problem

I hate the things and luckily have someone else to deal with them (thanks BF) But I've found the only way to kill them is pour boiling water on them. They do give off a sickening aroma though

I'm going to try the Tee Tree deterent this year and will be freezing meat type food waste

GeorgeEliot Sat 09-Apr-11 18:20:37

Make less waste. Get a wormery to compost the stuff that would turn maggoty, then you will be converting a problem into an asset.

We are a family of 4 plus large dog and we only generate 1 black bin bag of rubbish every fortnight.

tinley Tue 31-May-11 19:27:22

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

fernyburn Tue 28-Jun-11 10:43:50

How I love a bit of Spam !!

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