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If you’ve switched to loose leaf tea, share your favourite kit and brews!

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Squirrelfruitandnutkin Thu 01-Feb-18 10:42:33

I drink a lot of tea, mostly peppermint tea. With a bit of decaf and occasional real tea.

I’m trying to reduce the plastic in our lives and was really surprised that tea bags have plastic in them!

So, loose leaf tea. There’s a load of options, lots of them very expensive.

What’s your favourite brew?
And what sort of kit do you use?


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mommybunny Thu 01-Feb-18 10:50:36

My DH was disgusted to read that tea bags have plastic in them so I just switched to loose leaf "normal" tea (I'm not British, so forgive me if I don't use the right term!).

So far I've just tried Sainsbury's "Gold Label" with a tea strainer. DH is raving about the flavour difference between it and the Tetley bog-standard bags I used to buy, and I agree it does taste better, but it is definitely more expensive than bagged tea. I understand this is because tea brands can put what is basically tea dust in the bags, while loose tea has to have real leaves in it.

Cleaning out the tea pot, however, has become a chore that I could do without.

CrabappleBiscuit Thu 01-Feb-18 10:55:06

I grow mint and other herbs and just use the mint leaves. Easy to clean out teapot! The mint is lasting well in a pot in the greenhouse...

milkmoustache Thu 01-Feb-18 18:06:52

We've used loose leaf tea for the whole time we have lived together. Almost 25 years - gulp! We use Sainsbury's red tea - a basic Fair trade one - and loose Lapsang Formosa in a 2:1 ratio.

byronicheroine Thu 01-Feb-18 18:12:40

I use a For life pot with inbuilt strainer. Very little mess or faff.
I seem to have different tea each time so can't compare brands, but I like ones in a tea (expensive though)

Squirrelfruitandnutkin Fri 02-Feb-18 12:52:54

What do you do for individual cups of tea? Dh doesn’t drink much tea so I never make a pot.

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BahHumbygge Fri 02-Feb-18 12:53:40

I use Miles loose leaf tea + nice Whittards teapot from charity shop. I think it used to have a mesh insert, but I just use a tea strainer. Tea cosy to keep it warm. I also sometimes put 1 spoonful of earl grey in the pot.

For individual mugs or making herbal tea I use Ikea Sakkunnig tea infusers which clip over the side of the cup.

milkmoustache Fri 02-Feb-18 14:41:53

Charity shops often have one person teapots. It's so quick to make a pot, you won't look back!

pepperminttaste Fri 02-Feb-18 14:46:27

Placemarking to come back later!

BlackInk Fri 02-Feb-18 15:11:49

I have a mug that was from Whittards that has a metal strainer that sits in / on top of it.
Does loose leaf tea not come in a foily plastic bag inside the cardboard box though?? I imagine there's a lot more plastic in that than the tiny amount used to glue teabags together?

happytobemrsg Fri 02-Feb-18 15:15:06

This is my favourite tea. Yummy

pepperminttaste Sun 04-Feb-18 07:34:21

I got this to put in the teapot. (Warning: it arrived in a little cardboard box but additionally wrapped in a completely pointless bit of plastic).

It works really well. It'd probably be a bit awkward to remove from the teapot before pouring but our teapot is quite squat so we don't need to remove it first.

I found that tea leaves came wrapped in plastic /foil which kind of defeats the purpose. Annoying.

Artura Mon 12-Feb-18 19:31:11

I also have a for life teapot with infuser, works well but only just enough for two cups of tea. Currently using teapigs breakfast (ordered online, couldn't believe what a tiny packet), tastes great though. Have found loose Yorkshire gold (my usual brew), so onto that next.

longtompot Sun 04-Mar-18 11:54:05

Teabags don't just have a little bit of glue to stick them together. The actual bag has a plastic in them to stop them from disintegrating in your mug. I think, even though loose tealeaves still are in plastic, there is less than teabags, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, we have just switched from teabags to loose. I bought Co-op loose tea as we love their teabags but its like dust and we end up with lots of bits in our mugs. Does anyone have a loose tea they would reccomend, that tastes good, not dust, and I can buy in the supermarket? Thank you.

endehors Sun 04-Mar-18 12:12:33

I haven't switched completely, but I do use Whittards loose tea with an infuser ball for individual cups.

endehors Sun 04-Mar-18 12:15:53

I also still have some unbleached biodegradable tea bags that I used to use to make herbal tea combinations. That sort of thing might do.

HunkyDory69 Sun 04-Mar-18 12:21:42

I thought pukka tea bags had no plastic at all?
They are by far the best range of herbals that i can find in my price range. (I actively dislike some of teapigs range as well blush )

c75kp0r Sun 04-Mar-18 12:22:07

Clipper as they do an organic one. I have a cheap old 1970s teapot with a very wide top so you can get the tea leaves out to throw away. Whatever nicompoop designed my other teapot with a tiny lid obviously never never tried to empty it of tea leaves.

c75kp0r Sun 04-Mar-18 12:23:28

PG recently announced they are phasing out plastic in their bags

HunkyDory69 Sun 04-Mar-18 12:58:24

T2 do a lovely Madagascan vanilla loose leaf tea but out of my price range now, in answer to OP'S question on favourite brews.

KanielOutis Sun 04-Mar-18 14:54:35

We go to the East India Trading company and buy tins of tea. About £15 per tin, but they are a lovely tea and one tin lasts months. My absolute favourite is loose Darjeeling.

newtlover Sat 24-Mar-18 13:29:00

we use one of these
they fit most pots

seventhgonickname Sun 16-Sep-18 13:58:30

We have an infuser that sits in you teapot and yes balls for individual cups.
The larger leaf tea has become harder to find,this is how loose tea used to be but the supermarkets all sell finely chopped tea.

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