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LED lightbulbs

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LapdanceShoeshine Mon 15-Jan-18 19:38:05

Almost all the lightbulbs we use are LED now - leccy bills have gone down loads , it's very satisfying, esp with the halogen replacements! (We used to have 6 x 50w in our kitchen, 300w per hour; we now have 9 x 5 watt, 45w per hour, less than a tenth of our old wastage usage).

I sourced most of them from the internet over the last couple of years & paid £6-£7 each (I think) for 100W equivalents; however, today I went to both B&M & Home Bargains & discovered both have lots in now. (Actually I just checked back on amazon & I paid £6 for one GU10 5 years ago; the same bulb is still £6 there today but I got 2 better Philips ones for £6 from B&M)

B&M have Philips & Ever Ready at approx £6 for 2, although the Philips only come in bayonet & large screw fixings (plus GU10), & only up to 60W equivalent, while the Ever Ready also have small screw, & do have some 100W equivalent in the bigger bulbs (but those are £8 for 2).

Home Bargains bulbs are cheaper but in a brand I don't know.

If you'd prefer light similar to the old tungsten bulbs you need to look for "warm white" (2700-3000k if they give a number). I have had the daylight ones & they're horrible in a house grin

The only caveat is that you can't always do a straight swap of LED for halogen - it depends on the fitments.

specialsubject Tue 16-Jan-18 15:40:31

Poundland do them now so i think you are overpaying!

LapdanceShoeshine Tue 16-Jan-18 17:13:12

Oh, I know there are cheaper ones out there - Aldi sell them too - I wasn't saying the ones I saw were super cheap, just that they were reputable brands at a much better price than they have been until quite recently.

Are the Poundland ones branded? Home Bargains, unknown brand, were £1.99. For something like this I'd rather pay a bit more for a known brand. They're going to last more or less forever - it's less than 1p a day just for a year, & they should last way longer than that!

I used one of the £3 Philips GU10 ones I got yesterday to replace the £6 supposed equivalent (from 'Long Life Lamp Company' on amazon) in a small shower room & the difference is astonishing. Philips are really good!

100YearsOfVote Mon 22-Jan-18 21:16:44

I've started buying A++ Rated LED bulbs that's you can change to any colour with a remote. Also motion sensor bulbs for hallways.

About £7 each from Amazon.

specialsubject Wed 31-Jan-18 14:04:35

Don't care about brand as long as it isn't amazon. Most of the stuff comes from the same factory anyway.

Poundland leds are lasting well.

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