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Second hand cargo bikes

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Kw1072 Thu 27-Jul-17 22:25:54

Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a cargo bike to transport the kids around. I am keen on the long tail options out there, Yuba Mundo, Big Surly, Bicicapace etc. Does anyone know where I can find second hand ones? I've tired ebay/gumtree etc. Or is anyone selling one?!
Any advice would be welcomed!
Thank you

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witchmountain Fri 04-Aug-17 17:57:13

You could try asking on the Facebook group Family Cycling UK - search from within Facebook or this link might work:

MaisyPops Fri 04-Aug-17 17:59:34

When I've wanted to buy bikes second hand (recumbent so not as unvommon as what youre after) I've found eBay to be quite good if you know what you're after. Also there's some cycling forums that friends of mine use but I can't remember what they're called.

witchmountain Fri 04-Aug-17 18:02:26

The other thing to do is to contact shops that sell them new and tell them you're on the lookout for a second hand one - often they will know if one of their previous customers is looking to sell one.

Kw1072 Sun 06-Aug-17 21:50:00

Thank you all!

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BlueChampagne Mon 07-Aug-17 13:17:03

If you look on Gumtree for Cambridge you'll find one And I'm not the seller!

zozozoo Sat 07-Oct-17 19:07:48

Go to Holland!

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