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sainsburys are dropping fairtrade products for their own scheme.

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megletthesecond Mon 26-Jun-17 18:23:44

I have to say I can't get my head around this. I expect the fairtrade scheme isn't perfect but I'm not sure sainsburys setting up their own one is going to be much better.

HattiesBackpack Mon 26-Jun-17 18:24:49

Why wouldn't Sainsbury's own scheme be ok?

abbsisspartacus Mon 26-Jun-17 18:27:50

Confusion over the schemes? Might lead to people missing out?

megletthesecond Mon 26-Jun-17 18:30:18

It could dilute it I guess. Fracture the current fairtrade set up and weaken their producers?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 26-Jun-17 18:33:22

I saw this and it is really really shitty. Fair trade means something - it gives the farmers more power and is run independently of supermarkets etc.

Sainsbury's etc are taking back all of the power, and once their margins start getting squeezed they will of course start squeezing the farmers...

user1497480444 Mon 26-Jun-17 18:36:34

The current fairtrade scheme isn't working. People are paying more because the hope that the producers are being fairly paid, and it is hard to know who to believe about that.

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Mon 26-Jun-17 18:36:51

Cadburys have already done this but are still allowed to carry the fair trade logo on their products hmm

I agree it's going to lead to farmers, workers etc being stiffed even more than they already are.

Loopytiles Mon 26-Jun-17 18:37:44

Why isn't the current scheme working?

It's still hard to find "fair trade" goods in supermarkets IME.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Mon 26-Jun-17 18:40:51

About a month ago I noticed they had no free range eggs, and their eggs labelled 'free range' had a sticker on them saying they were from barn raised chickens and Sainsbury's would no longer be selling free range eggs due to 'animal welfare issues'.

I haven't been shopping there since and now hearing they won't support fair trade either, I won't be back.

HattiesBackpack Mon 26-Jun-17 18:42:36

Oh fair one, I thought oh could be good for supermarkets to start there own schemes, never thought about how the actual traders could get shafted.

TheFallenMadonna Mon 26-Jun-17 18:42:53

That's because of the bird flu restrictions tough, surely? Also free range eggs everywhere had those stickers!

Loopytiles Mon 26-Jun-17 18:46:06

THe free range thing wasn't the supermarkets' fault, they had to bring the birds in because of bird flu risks so couldn't meet the standards for free range.

MsJuniper Mon 26-Jun-17 18:47:08

The free range egg thing was temporary and widespread, due to a specific issue.

specialsubject Thu 29-Jun-17 12:50:15

Bird flu. Pay attention. No one was selling free range eggs.

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