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Little things - keeping track

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WiltingTulip Fri 26-May-17 13:06:45

My baby steps are:
Bringing my own bag to shops, buying food daily and suitable amounts to reduce waste, composting (very important in reducing landfill), taking more time and effort to recycle properly, buying less- birthdays and Xmas are not for lots of presents (and try to give consumables) and I'm trying to buy more second hand (and like pickle I'm trying not to buy stuff generally).

I make a point to buy the "ugly" fruit and veg so it doesn't end up in landfill and choosing things with less packaging but the packaging is crazy.

BorisTrumpsHair Fri 26-May-17 12:56:56

I buy a lot less of everything. It's a good idea to choose the more ethical option, but choosing not to buy something is even more powerful.

I try to buy fruit and vege at market stalls where it isn't in packaging - it isn't always possible. I will choose not to buy things it if it over packaged - Waitrose I find is especially bad at this.

Textile waste has become a big thing for me. After the oil industry, the fashion industry is the most polluting. We now treat clothing as disposable items of fashion - the waste behind this ethos is outstanding.

I now make most of my own clothes, and some for the DC too.
I've found someone that will take DD2's hand me downs for her own daughter. Clothing that doesn't get passed on gets either donated, up cycled or recycled.

Use all eco cleaning stuff.

We all use the library instead of buying (and storing) more books.

I am planning on making a quilt out old old clothing, inspired by those made by the women of Gees Bend in Alabama -

picklemepopcorn Fri 26-May-17 12:46:49

Mooncup and pads, no shampoo,

Still using up my household cleaner collection, but when it's all gone I'll switch to bicarb, vinegar, and a bottle of something for emergencies.

Greaseproof to wrap sandwiches, reused several times.

Still eat too much meat, and create too much kitchen packaging waste.

Bought half a pig from the butcher to reduce packaging.

just not buying stuff, generally.

lovingmumhood Fri 26-May-17 12:37:08

sounds awesome :D

you could also try washing j-cloths once they are minky, they actually last a fair while smile

if you have babies then it's worth doing cloth nappies and/or wipes.

buying second hand is good of course for things smile

sounds like you're doing great though smile

ChampagneCommunist Tue 23-May-17 20:20:33

Bumping this thread! I love my mooncup. I must have saved a ton of money & waste over the years

Puffinsareblackandwhite Sun 05-Feb-17 22:24:42

I forgot a couple! I've started using cloth sanitary pads (haven't had a full period on them yet but really like them so far!). I've also found some of the makeup remover pads a knitted a while ago and plan to make a few more. And I'm unravelling an old, holey jumper if DH's and one day a cold one in Hell knit it into something he will wear. Lastly, hanging on to old worn out clothes to make draft excluders next winter.

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Puffinsareblackandwhite Sun 05-Feb-17 22:10:12

Hi! Have recently started trying to be more eco friendly. I thought it would be nice to share the little changes we've made to become more eco friendly. So far this year I:

- have started using a wooden toothbrush (from
- have started using 'naked' Lush products (bubble bars, shampoo and conditioner bars, soap bar)
- have started thinking about alternatives to plastic where possible (e.g. bought a metal soap dish instead of a plastic one)
- have been buying the largest size possible to reduce packaging and generally been looking at food packaging.
- have started using recover around the house
- bought a secondhand paperback instead of the new version (looks just as good!)
- have been trying to reuse the water from our dehumidifier (no tumble dryer)

It feels like I've been doing a lot more but I think I'm generally more aware if nothing else. Am going to ignore the car mileage and flights (to see family). confused

Please share what you're doing so we can keep each other motivated!

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