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OK no-one cares; it isn't important but I am SO excited

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Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 22:38:35

The straw bale company have said they will do a price for the nursery

It will prob be too expensive & planning will prob say no

But I am really excited

littlelapin Sun 25-Feb-07 22:40:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 22:48:26


It's silly to get so excited

littlelapin Sun 25-Feb-07 22:48:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JARM Sun 25-Feb-07 22:49:15

hi katy - can i get a link to your blog ? cheers x

Rhubarb Sun 25-Feb-07 22:49:28

I agree with littlelapin

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 22:53:45

i don't know...I'll have a go?

here maybe?

My website is easier

But there are floor plans on my profile

SNOWBall4girlz Sun 25-Feb-07 22:59:06

good luck with this
your web site looks great btw

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 22:59:54

I'd curtsey...but a MNetter did it for me

It is fab isn't it

littlelapin Sun 25-Feb-07 23:00:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

edam Sun 25-Feb-07 23:01:17

Oh that's fantastic katy, have always wanted to build a straw bale house. Nursery would be even better.

edam Sun 25-Feb-07 23:01:52

You will have to read the story of the three little pigs every day, though, you know.

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 23:03:25

Thanks Littlelapin - OFSTED have changed thier website

I will speak to my designer (doesn't that sound posh)

It's great isn't it Edam - I will be composting/wormerying/keeping chickens as well

With solar panels hopefully

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 23:04:05

NOBODY better HUFF & PUFF or I will have a strop

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