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Who is with Whiteknights lettings?

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rachealgeorgia12 Fri 18-Nov-16 15:18:09


I'm with Whiteknights letting agents & ive just signed my new renewal of tenancy, I then a few days later had a sign outside my house saying 'let' I checked my emails and had received an email saying that they would be placing one for 14days as this is part of the conditions for tenancy renewal. I told them I wasn't too happy with this & had never heard of them or any other agencies doing this?! She stated it was in the tenants guide (which when I looked through it was not) & said she would get it removed as soon as she could. She also said that MOST agencies do the same, which my last agency didn't! & I know people with various different agencies & they also don't do this, so just seemed a little weird to me & suspicious. I understand it's probably for advertising reasons, but I live down a tiny street of approx 10 houses in a small cul de sac, so seems a bit pointless.

If anyone's with Whiteknights lettings, please could you let me know if you have this every year you sign a new tenancy agreement?

specialsubject Thu 24-Nov-16 19:38:31

Try a different board - ethical living is not red hot on mn.

In short - letting agents are unregulated, but the government can't see this. Agent talking nonsense. Take board down, while you are a tenant what goes on your property is only what is in the tenancy.

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