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Vegan Pregnancy

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Buzzybee51 Tue 02-Aug-16 13:38:03

Hi all, first time posting here.
I have been following a vegan diet now for around about 6 months, and am currently 13 weeks pregnant.
Along side a diet rich with veg/fruits/nuts/grains/nutritional yeast for B12 I am taking the usual pregnancy vitamins.
My question is, should I be taking any other vitamins? If so exactly which?
I haven't asked the Dr regarding this as I don't think they would be able to advise, I am seeing the midwife again in a few weeks, but again I am not sure if she would know exactly, if any others I should be taking?

Any advice is much appreciated smile

PaperdollCartoon Wed 03-Aug-16 18:51:54

Hi! Congrats on your pregnancy flowers

I'm not pregnant but I've been vegan for the same amount of time, and have done a lot of nutrition reading (always good to have the facts when someone tries to argue with you!). Strongly suggest a vegan omega 3-6, there's a lot of evidence that omegas are really important for babies brain health and development. Flaxseed is good but Echium seed oil is better, I take one called Echiomega, comes in gel capsules. D3 is also a very good one for all us sun deprived Brits, vegan or otherwise. I would also take a b12 supplement, just in case. Good luck!

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