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Help - eco-friendly / green / home-made cleaning product 'recipe book'??

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MrsCockwomble Sun 31-Jul-16 19:26:48

Hi MNs!

Hoping someone might be able to help me out here - I've been trawling Amazon books, but just can't find the one I want (used to have), and wondering if anyone can recommend (or even knows of the book I used to have!!).

So anyway, I haven't seen it for a few years, and must have bought it about 14/15 years ago - it was a book on how to make all kinds of cleaning products, and also some personal care products / toiletries and stuff, out of things like sodium bicarbonate, vinegar, essential oils, castile soap (i.e. Dr Bronners), lemon juice - you know the kind of thing?

It was a green paperback book, with shades of green on the front (line drawings, I think) and I can't for the life of me remember the title or author which is making it difficult to look for on Amazon!

Can anyone recommend a book for this kind of thing, as I'd like to keep it simple and have something like I had before.

Thank you in advance for any help smile x

JayneW63 Fri 10-Feb-17 17:20:38

Not the one you were looking for, but I have used this book in the past

and if you want to be chemical free I can highly recommend these people.

I actually sell second hand books for a living , Amazon is difficult to search , but try

specialsubject Tue 14-Feb-17 14:13:42

You can't be chemical free, and the website in the post above hilariously sells overpriced cloths made of artiifical fibres! Ignorant nitwits.

picklemepopcorn Tue 14-Feb-17 14:30:01

If you find it, please post a link! I'm interested too. I'm slowly working through all the products in my cupboard. I don't want to buy products packaged in plastic, so bicarb in a box and vinegar in a glass jar are my 'go to's at the moment.

JayneW63 Tue 14-Feb-17 19:21:06

Well I've not got any bleach, or spray or chemical cleaners, no bottles, no boxes, I do use just the cloths and cold water. Which of course isn't "chemical Free" I'm a chemical my self but in colloquial terms is. But after spending years fannying about with home made soap, bicarb pastes, and all sorts of other products while attempting to cut down on "stuff" I consume , I think I've found the solution, they are carbon neutral, produced in Europe, and will last me three years. So I'm very happy.

Yes they are artificial fibers, it's a matter of weighing up cause and effect, and consequences, I mean unless I'm very mistaken the computer you are using isn't made of wood, but artificial material and rare metals.

Shall we agree to differ, it was only a suggestion if you were looking for something not out of a bottle on the cleaning isle.

Daffydil Tue 14-Feb-17 19:30:13

Is it this one?

JayneW63 Tue 14-Feb-17 20:03:49

Borax is hard to get these days, the last time I bought it it was only available as a substitute. But it worked OK.

Artura Sun 26-Feb-17 21:05:42

I have this book
Not specifically about cleaning but tells you how to make all sorts of things from scratch - food, cleaning products, cosmetics etc

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