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Cloth pads - what do you do when you're on holiday?

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CrieffBobsledTeam Mon 18-Apr-16 12:45:51

I'm a recent convert to cloth pads and I'm really pleased they're working for me as I didn't get on with mooncup and I wasn't happy keeping on with disposable stuff. I'd like to think I've bought my last disposable, but we went to stay with family overnight during the Easter holidays and I ended up taking a few Bodyform with me as I just couldn't imagine taking my soaking box etc with us and doing the whole thing in someone else's house (esp as they don't have a spare room so I was sleeping downstairs and keeping my stuff in my bag during the day).
I just wondered what other people do in these situations? DH says it's not a problem, that at least I'll be cutting down massively on my use of disposable but I feel like I want to be committed to doing this and I wondered if there's a way that hasn't occurred to me?

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