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Family retreat/ethical lifestyle holidays

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purpleisfab Thu 12-Nov-15 22:15:13

I'm after some feedback/constructive thoughts on an idea I've had. I'm thinking of starting a business where families can come to stay for the weekend (maybe longer in the school holidays) where they can escape every day life, relax, breathe some country air etc.
The idea would be that each family has their own self-contained accommodation, maybe something like a shepherds hut, but we cook communally.
We would have activities each day such as digging up veg for lunch and dinner, bread making, foraging in the woods for fire wood. I'm hoping to include family meditation sessions too.
I'm not an eco warrior but we try to live as environmentally consciously as we can in our everyday life (where practical). I'm hoping this venture would help us be more so. We would run it as sustainably as possible so it could also be a little educational for those coming to stay but without forcing it upon people or making them feel guilty if their homes aren't as green as they could be (we can't can't all be 100% eco...maybe if we lived off grid somewhere), but I hope you get what I could be about showing how small, cheap changes can help us save money, and the environment etc.
Looking forward to seeing what you all think. Thank you, Hannah x

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 12-Nov-15 22:37:35

I'm not sure that I would go on vacation to be 'preached to' if you know what I mean. You'd have to have the balance exactly right.

I prefer a bit more privacy on holiday and would find the fact that I was expected to interact with you every day a bit off putting. I'd prefer to have it as an option or choice.

Maybe focus gearing it towards children more than adults, teaching children a bit of woodcraft, den making, foraging etc. Then the adults are involved but more passively, they can learn from you as they go but with the added bonus that their children are being entertained/kept busy.

purpleisfab Fri 13-Nov-15 09:38:22

Yes, I can see having to spend time with us as a bit too intense wink

The only people I have asked so far are people we know...they don't have a problem with hanging out together.

It wouldn't be preachy as that's really not us. I've been thinking a lot on it and think it would be better to have secluded self catering accommodation for the families, yet have some communal space for activities. I'd definitely still want to do digging up veg, foraging in the woods, bread making, egg collecting but if its all optional extras then no one would feel forced to do anything. Maybe have a little shop if people want to try the produce but not dig it up.

My original ideas were based on what collective communities do already (invite people in for the weekend) but they aren't geared towards children (they are welcome but they have to tag along with the adult activities).

I'm thinking that if it goes well, we can always do 'special' weekends where the other stuff can be incorporated but it would be called a specific name so the people booking that weekend would be choosing to do more activities around green living.

I think if it was less activity intense it would probably be better for our family as we would have more family time, and we could probably still have one of us earning an external wage which would help considerably.

Thank you for your feed back. If any one else has more to add I'd love to hear it. Thanks smile

specialsubject Tue 24-Nov-15 14:41:56

it's called a New Zealand backpacker hostel...

be aware that wood belongs to the owner of the forest, so you can't take it. Outdoor open fires just for fun are the absolute opposite of 'eco'. If you are collecting for a log burner the wood needs to be cut, stacked and dried for a year at least.

a veg plot for people to help themselves for cooking is a nice idea if you can grow enough.

aniceearlynight Thu 17-Dec-15 20:32:31

Sounds similar to Fforest - check it out here

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