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stitchthezenmaster Thu 02-Nov-06 21:29:43

what if the government strted handing out a freea mooncup to eavaerya waomn in england. would it be better for the environment?
ive heard ti said that sanitary towels are worse than disposable nappies.
discuss please

Spidermama Thu 02-Nov-06 21:32:19

I think it would be great. MN has done it's bit. Time now to reach out to a wider audience.

Why are towels worse than nappies I wonder. I would have thought they'd be pretty similar.

Californifirework Thu 02-Nov-06 21:33:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stitchthezenmaster Thu 02-Nov-06 21:35:39

i think its because of the duration of use. naappies are used for maximum three years of a life. towels afor forty years, give or take. so more towels thrown aaaaway constantly than nappies

parkinpud Thu 02-Nov-06 21:46:05

Does anyone mind if I jump in here and maybe you could help? I have read up on mooncups & as a committed saver of the environment did think about trying them but... it sounds icky to me! Very childish I know but just curious if people do use them & if they are as good as supposed to be?

And maybe that's part of them problem of them not having a wider audience? Any thoughts?

Spagblog Thu 02-Nov-06 21:48:47

They are fab, less icky than lilets!

HuwEdwards Thu 02-Nov-06 21:55:09

I would ask for 2 and use them as knee guards for when I'm gardening....

PrettyCandles Thu 02-Nov-06 22:06:13

Parkinpuds, just search MN for mentions of Mooncup, and you'll see how excited we get about them!

NannyL Sat 20-Jan-07 22:24:34

Mooncups are wonderful

the best £ i have ever spent and will NEVER go back to anything else! got mine in july 2006 and loved it by august 2006!

NannyL Sat 20-Jan-07 22:24:34

Mooncups are wonderful

the best £ i have ever spent and will NEVER go back to anything else! got mine in july 2006 and loved it by august 2006!

thewoodlandfairy Sat 20-Jan-07 23:26:00

just about to commence month 3 with mooncup. Took a little getting used to but i love it and how many women do you hear say that about any alternative way of dealing with periods? Truly fab - you won't look back. Boots on line delivered mine. Just do it!

Furball Sun 21-Jan-07 06:47:14

HuwEdwards - either you've got a really big fanjo or really small kneecaps

rocketupbum Mon 22-Jan-07 14:10:00

Just wanted to add that i love my mooncup. Whenever i try to explain it to pals they always look at me in horror but I can honestly say it is soooo much easier than faffing around with pads/tampons. And you get to feel good about yourself even if your womb feels like it is falling out!

morningpaper Mon 22-Jan-07 14:12:40

I tried to discreetly remove my Mooncup yesterday when DH and the children were in the bathroom (all bathing)

Dropped it, completely full, into my tights, then tried to throw it into sink and a large string of blood went from me to the sink and a massive splat of blood went up the bathroom wall. Had to change ALL my clothes AND get in the bath as well as scrub the wall and sink.

Also had to answer MANY questions about menstruation from my 4 year old, starting with something like "Mummy WHAT ON EARTH have you found UP THERE?"

sunnywong Mon 22-Jan-07 14:22:36


you just must have an ensuite to sort out your cup

bumperlicious Sun 28-Jan-07 13:09:18

How do you deal with them in public loos at work?

NannyL Sun 28-Jan-07 23:27:09

i only ever empty mine once a day in the evening before bed

ok i know they recommend 4 times per day (IMO to cover themselves against the risk of TSS, but as of yet there have been no cases of TSS with mooncups so im not that worried either, its my risk and im prepared to take it!)

should u need to change it you can use a little bottle of water, or even just wipe out with loo roll and wash properly next time (it says you can do that in the instructions anyway

you may want a wet wipe for your hands (is advice lots of people say) but my hand always stay clean anyway.

Spidermama Sun 28-Jan-07 23:55:41

I have to empty mine twice or three times a day on the heaviest days.

Mooncups rule.

Chandra Sun 28-Jan-07 23:59:41

I just want someone to convince me to try again. I got mine, put it in no problems but no matter how exactly I followed the intructions it was sooooooooooo painful to remove, at some point, having tried everything the leaflet suggested, the only thing that stopped me from taking a pair of scissors and removing the mooncup's base was the price I had paid for it...

Dior Mon 29-Jan-07 00:50:12

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Mon 29-Jan-07 07:32:51

So I was a complete sceptic. I always get things like this and it proves to be a disaster and a total waste of money.

This time.......... IT'S BLOODY (pardon the pun) FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

Quite apart from all the saving the environment and money..... I was at a birth and I didn't have to keep popping out to change my pad. I used dread a client going into labour when my period started... but not anymore. I have really heavy days at the beginning but I pop a thin pad.... a thin pad (I've never been able to use one of those light flow/normal flow things) on to catch any spillage and I can stay with my lady throughout the labour. It's amazing.

It was uncomfortable the first time, but that's cos I wasn't used to it I think. The more I use it the easier it becomes.

Chandra... you have to let yourself relax when you remove it. Think about yourself opening. I found it a bit of a pig to remove in the beginning but once I started visualising myself opening (which is what I tell my ladies to do when they are giving birth) I found it came out easily.

Why didn't I know about these before? And when is my DD old enough for one?

Chandra Mon 29-Jan-07 10:19:26

MArs... but it took me 27 hours to give birth to my baby, would I be acussed of monopolising the toilet in the hours it would take for me to give birth to the Mooncup?

I confess last week I even went through my breath in breath out exercises to help the thing out and... nothing... perhapas what I nees it's a forceps!

Dior Mon 29-Jan-07 14:30:34

Message withdrawn

Skyler Mon 29-Jan-07 14:38:04

I love my mooncup too. I have to bear down to get it out though and have not cut any of the stem off. I think perhaps you might be a bit tense if it hurts??

Skyler Mon 29-Jan-07 14:38:28

Oh and PMSL at MP. Sorry

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