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How do you wash cloth nappies?

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ElphabaTheGreen Sun 19-Oct-14 16:43:29

Just getting a consensus, really, and wondering if I should change from what I'm doing - currently use a very small amount of non-bio at 60 deg then air-dry, preferably on the line outside or over radiator hangers inside. I strip wash once a month using a tiny amount of dishwashing liquid.

What do you do?

TIA! smile

callamia Sun 19-Oct-14 16:49:19

I do exactly what you do. No problems so far. I've been using cloth for about 8months.

IAmAPaleontologist Sun 19-Oct-14 16:51:10

Cold rinse
60 degree wash with a teeny tiny bit of whatever comes to hand be it bio powder, liquid, whatever. Or I use eco balls. I know you shouldn't use bio blah blah blah but I have yet to see it render a nappy unusable and I'm on child number 3 in cloth.
Line dry or on laundry maid indoors. don't own a tumble.

Have done occasional strip washes when I get major rank wee smell that persists. Perhaps once or twice per child.

ChocolateWombat Sun 19-Oct-14 16:51:45

60 is good for the nappies.
Is prob too hot for the wraps. I do mine in a normal 40 wash with other stuff as they are not soaked in urine. Washing wraps too hot ruins their waterproof ness.

Yes to line drying. Fleece ones are particularly quick to dry.

Artandco Sun 19-Oct-14 16:57:51

Cold rinse
60 degree wash with Eco egg.

ElphabaTheGreen Sun 19-Oct-14 18:53:00

By Eco balls/Eco Egg do you mean that thing you get from Lakeland? Does it leave less residue on the nappies (in theory)?

Also, what do you do about rinsing off poo? I've been doing a pre-rinse in the washing machine after flicking off as much as I can into the loo (which still leaves a fair bit on the nappy). Am I going to wreck the washer doing this or do you do the same? I run an empty 90 deg wash once a month to try and make up for it.

Artandco Sun 19-Oct-14 18:57:41

An Eco egg is different from an Eco ball.$ja=cgid:17436843153%7Ctsid:59157%7Ccid:199888833%7Clid:92279849553%7Cnw:g%7Ccrid:49428504273%7Crnd:14054144939283274569%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o1%7Cbku:1

I have never noticed any residue left on nappy at all. I washed them for 3 years like that ( x2 children close in age). I washed at 60 as it's 50 plus degrees to kill most bacteria

ClearlyMoo Sun 26-Oct-14 18:59:36

I dry bucket then wash everything at 40°C. We put pooey nappies on a 15min "quick wash" on their own without spin then drain and add all the nappies and wraps and wash at 40°C with fairy non bio powder. Then on the line if at all possible. Sunlight is fab for bleaching. The wraps don't go on the line unless they have poo stains. We can dry nappies inside on a Lakeland Drysoon (heated airer) and with dehumidifier running. Wraps don't go on heated airer or radiators.

Squtternutbaush Sat 08-Nov-14 22:32:33

Nappies, liners, wipes and boosters get a cold rinse to stop stains/smells setting, then washed at 60 degrees with a half dose of non-bio followed by an extra rinse and line/airer dry.

Wraps get chucked in a 40 wash with clothing.

I dont like the eco egg or soapnuts as didn't feel like they left things clean.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Sat 08-Nov-14 22:37:39

Wet ones I chuck in with the other washing at 30.
Pooey ones I do once a week in 40 degrees with pre-wash and wash plus. I wash wraps in with nappies, hence only 40 degrees. I then dry on the line or radiator. I just use Persil.

IssyStark Thu 01-Jan-15 23:51:20

I dry pail (used to wet pail but no more, just added faff) and then wash at 40 deg with non-bio and Napisan. Dry on line if at all possible.
If it is a very pooy batch, then I will often do a rinse of the poo nappies first before bunging in the rest and possibly doing a 60deg wash. If DS has had an upset tummy, I'll also do a 60deg wash.

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