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Green cleaners where d'yer get yer bicarb..?

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Mij Thu 09-Oct-14 18:25:09

...cos all I've got at the mo is a tiny pot for baking.

Can do indie shops/supermarkets/online. All recommendations gratefully received!


Mij Sat 11-Oct-14 16:18:55

Bumping for the weekend. I've found a couple of other threads but I do definitely want bicarb not soda crystals, cos I need dat abrasion, man. wink

oif Sat 11-Oct-14 20:50:47

I used these people for a load of stuff - bicarb, white vinegar etc. and all worked well. Also good for bottles if you make up your own liquids etc.

Bicarb here

Rattitude Wed 12-Nov-14 18:15:44

A bit late but just in case you are still trying to source some cheap-ish bicarb...

I bought my 5kg stock from Summer Naturals too a few years ago when it was pretty cheap then.

I have still got plenty so have not bought any more. However, I have seen big bags at a much cheaper price in Chinese supermarkets.

If you live near Manchester, I can recommend the Wing Yip superstore.

IsItTeaYoureLookingFor Mon 01-Dec-14 23:14:56

Wow I just went on the summer naturals sight and some really interesting stuff there and really cheap too!

AuntieStella Mon 01-Dec-14 23:17:35

Wilkos stocks it - sometimes.

flipchart Mon 01-Dec-14 23:18:15

I get mine from the local pharmacy. They order it and they normally get it next day. I get a 5kg box. I get my Epsom salts the same way.

ushiemama Mon 01-Dec-14 23:27:01

What do you use Epsom Salts for?

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