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love for my children and the impact fracking could have on them

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EarthHelen1 Mon 31-Mar-14 12:36:41

I am a mum to two boys whom I love very much, I also love my extended family, this beautiful planet that we inhabit, my friends and the many wonderful creatures and people who live here also...I am deeply troubled by the hurried way in which we are not being given choice re fracking being an option, being told that it will create jobs and cheaper gas, also that it will make us independent of Russian gas, we are already pretty independent, only 2% of our gas comes from there. My heart tells me that it is not safe, some of the areas in america that have gone ahead with this process have leaking wells, water sources are being contaminated, earthquakes are occurring, a well recently had to be shut down in Ohio because the people locally are experiencing earthquakes. There are many reports out there showing that there are problems with this process, there is lots of information on a brilliant site called, factual information on the process, what you can do if you too are concerned and where you can seek advice, I really would advise you to take a look. Fracking only provides energy for a short term, with huge risks attached, in my opinion there is a rush to pursue this avenue because it makes the investors and the corporates a huge profit, but at what price ? the well being of our children, our children's children ?..just where do we think we will go if this planet is destroyed because from where I am sitting I don't see that we have an alternative other than to actively look after the planet, it is our home, we are not seperate, without it, all life would cease to be...what use is a buoyant economy and a job if there isn't a planet to live upon...This is a quote from a lady called Vicky Barnard and I feel it pretty much sums it up
"The time is now for us all to stand up and be counted.
The time is now for us all to stop destroying our beautiful home.
We have only one planet and we need to save her.
We are destroying ourselves while we destroy our planet.
We are poisoning our water polluting our air.
What are we going to drink or breath.
We are suffocating our planet but at the same time we are suffocating ourselves.
Wake up world it's time to stand now is the time to act"
I would love to hear other mums perspective on this thanks Helen

deBauch Mon 31-Mar-14 17:43:36

Can I just chip in with something that I need to say and have been meaning to say for some time but I've been wondering about the right place for it.

This is such a tricky thing to say these days without sounding bloody patronising but its been making my heart glow how unbelievably awesome the Women have been in this desperate and at times heart breaking battle against fracking. We are on the back end of a 100+ day siege here in Salford, mostly under a national news media black out and although no individual would ever say that they are more important than the next, the Women in the battle have been in the majority many of the times, probably have the biggest share of non violent direct actions, such as the lock ons and have often taken the most violent physical abuse from an often merciless and brutal "police force". I'm 6ft3 and hard as nails but being in those convoy "walks" (lol) could be a very scary place. These have been the Women who are the true spirit of the Greenham Common Women who have passed into our national folklore. I couldn't possibly have more respect for these Ladies as they have been an absolute inspiration to me and many others and I'm itching for my gorgeous little Grand Daughter to be old enough to be able to tell her all about them

EarthHelen1 Tue 01-Apr-14 09:46:49

I agree, total respect to the women who stand up for each other, for our beautiful children, who work so incredibly hard in so many ways..I know that we women can bring about the changes that are so desperately needed...the mothers, the grandmothers..let us stand together for our childrens future and the future of our homes, our planet...there are also very many beautiful awake men who are working hard to stop this assault on our well being and the well being of all..respect to them also xx

SalisburyMummy Tue 01-Apr-14 10:55:01

I just read an article this morning which showed leukaemia clusters in children in drill dense regions, and increased breast cancer as well. The 5000 odd people on the 'list of the harmed' have some awful tales to tell. Thank you EarthHelen1 for raising awareness, it is definitely something us mums should be concerned about, its a juggernaut about to mow down 2/3 of the country unless we stop it


SalisburyMummy Tue 01-Apr-14 10:57:09

...also the climate change report out this week is definitely suggesting we move well away from fossil fuels so it seems insanity to dig more up at this stage!

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