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AnyBakfiets users out there?

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JumpJockey Mon 25-Nov-13 22:11:41

I've been using a Bakfiets bike for the dds for 2.5 years, dd1 now at school and dd2 at nursery so it gets a lot of use... but dd1 is very tall and her head is touching the top of the rain cover in her helmet, she has to sit with head bent slightly, I don't mind too much about them getting a bit wet (have used rain ponchos on the in the past) but Where we are has a particularly bitter cold wind in winter which is pretty unpleasant. Any suggestions for what to do? She could stop wearing a helmet, but am veryreluctant as our route involves a couple of busy roads. I know kids cycling themselves get cold faces, but then they are moving so stayng warmer - in bakfiets they're just sitting there, and not even sheltered by me as would be if on back seat... And don't want dd1 to be freezing cold all morning at school...

What do you do in the winter? And what would you suggest for a next move? They'll be too big to have dd1 in a tagalong with dd2 on a front seat, and As far as I know you can't have both tagalong and back seat on the same bike. Nervous of her cycling on her own as route not very child friendly. All ideas very welcome!

BrianTheMole Mon 25-Nov-13 22:32:25

You could try and get a second hand trikidoo, or something similar. They take two children and last until around age 7. They do come up on eBay sometimes. For the first problem I would look at getting some very decent waterproofs. (I assume you can take the rain cover off). Can't see what else you can do. I'd keep her helmet on.

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