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Bike seat with proper rain / wind cover

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wildstyle888 Tue 15-Oct-13 16:10:55

Hi all,

first post.

We have a Co-Pilot Limo child seat ( ) that we wanted to make more weatherproof for the winter. I looked around at the options and found the following :

bike seat Poncho
All in one waterproof suit
that's about it

I wasn't happy with the poncho as the little ones face would still take the brunt of the Bristol weather and would not be happy at not being able to touch her hands to her face as she's only 18 months old.

The waterproof suit works ok but your have to wrestle them into it and they still get pretty damp with the same issue with wind and rain on the face.

All I really wanted was the same kind of cover that we had on our stroller. I then found a site that showed some people modifying their bike seats to attach their stroller sunshade and rain cover to their child bike seats. Genius.

I thought I would post up here as I saw a few people looking for something like this.

Our chicco xplorer stroller was a bit broken and not being used so I took off the sun shade that clipped onto the tubular frame. I took this to a diy store and found a suitable length/diameter of flexible tubing ( turned out to be pushfit plumbing tubing) for less than £5 and got some zip ties from the garage.

I created a kind of arch round the sides and top of the child seat that was secured with 6 zip ties. The zip ties were secured to the tubing by cutting a small matching groove so it won't slip up and down.

the rain cover fits really well to the tubing and the little one is now very happy and able to sleep in the back even when its windy and raining.

The rain cover can still be lifted up and out of the way to lift the little one in and out and the sun shade and rain cover can be removed on warmer days.

not sure why the bike seat manufacturers don't do this themselves.

here are the links to the final result.

lljkk Sat 19-Oct-13 14:47:04

But how badly do the covers catch the wind? I imagine cycling on a sailboat in high winds isn't much fun.

wildstyle888 Tue 22-Oct-13 09:42:41

We haven't found it flaps around at all. The plastic of the cover is that thick, tough flexible type that resists the wind really well. The cover is also attached using the original Velcro straps to the tubes on the side so doesn't flap around at all.

The poncho ones on the other hand are one size fits all so it flapped around a lot. little one hated that.

i have to say , in the wind and rain of the last couple of days, i haven't noticed any difference compared with just the big child seat on the back.

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