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Buying using own containers... where?

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Wiggy29 Mon 05-Aug-13 21:44:42

I'm trying to look for places to buy things using my own re-useable containers in order to reduce household waste. So far, I've found it easy to findfruit/ veg and oil at local market/ veg box scheme, cleaning products at local shop that refills ecover (but also going to try making own cleaning stuff with lemons/ bicarb etc) but after that I'm struggling. Even the local market that has things (e.g. flour/ dry fruit) in large bins with scoops won't let me use my own containers. I'm going to try and hunt out a local milkman who will use glass but any other ideas? hmm

Droflove Sat 29-Mar-14 09:23:50

Great idea OP. I am in negotiations to buy a house at the end of a long unadopted lane so the bins will have a bit if a journey to get picked up so I was thinking of ways to reduce household waste the other day. I prefer to shop in the fruit and veg shop and local butchers so can buy loose items to put in my own bag/basket easier. I was wondering if i could wrap meat in clean reusable suitable cloths (like cheese cloths?), need to look into it further. I am planning a serious store cupboard so am looking into the store-ability of oats, barley, flour etc so that I can buy massive packs maybe from a local mill/factory/cash and carry so that I have one big bag to get rid of once rather than 20 small ones. Would be interested to hear other people's ideas.

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