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anyone read the new james lovelock book?

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sibdoms Fri 26-May-06 10:58:41

I was lurking on that other conversation about nuclear etc - and i've always been anti-nuclear -UNTIl I read an article by the gaia theorist and general geezer james lovelock, who now says it is the least worst option, mini chernobyls or no. I haven't managed to get hold of his new book yet, but I just wondered if anyone had, or was able to expand............ I tried to raise this at a recent foe meeting and you should have seen the tumbleweed.

Notquitesotiredmum Fri 26-May-06 11:11:27

Dh met him recently. He is lovely! He basically believes that carbon emissions are so out of control and that developing countries are not going to curb their emissions, (why should they, when western countries don't) that our only hope of delaying climate/atmospheric meltdown is nuclear energy. There was a very interesting article in one of the broadsheets the day after it was reviewed, where 10 of the country's climate scientists commented on his predictions - I'll see if I can find the link. They were a little more optimistic than Lovelock, but only just. The concensus seems to be that we are fast approaching the tipping point, and that drastic action needs to be taken.

sibdoms Fri 26-May-06 13:05:23

thanks nqstm - that's what I thought. I'd love to see the link if you can find it. So were you persuaded?

Notquitesotiredmum Mon 05-Jun-06 19:02:48

I was persuaded by Lovelock until a friend pointed out that it will take ages to get the planning permission for nuclear power stations and then to build them - around 15 years - by which time it will be too late to cut back on emissions, anyway. The damage will have been done. I am now persuaded by people who say that we have 2-5 years to cut back on the emissions before the damage is irreperable (sp?) Gulp

joelalie Tue 06-Jun-06 13:31:43

I quite agree NSTM. I have no particular problem with nuclear power as one of many solutions to out energy problems but it is going to take way too long for any short term solution.

I read his original book years ago and I thought he made loads of sense. He seemed to be worried about global warming well before it became a hot (excuse the pun) topic.

sibdoms Tue 06-Jun-06 18:18:38

Och no,that's true, I hadn't realised how long it would take. I had reluctantly decided to become a lovelockette. Has anyone pointed this out to Blair?

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