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Someone said that you can get......

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Katymac Tue 23-May-06 21:43:35

Solar powered battery chargers

That would be cool

As long as they used ordinary rechargeable batteries

I'd like one of them

Frizbe Tue 23-May-06 21:45:39

chargers! some on ebay too!

Katymac Tue 23-May-06 21:53:49

They aren't expensive either

I wonder if they work

babyonboard Fri 26-May-06 09:05:33

I have one for my mobile..and dp has one for his i pod..they are surprisingly good..but god knows if we'll ever get any sun again...

DominiConnor Fri 26-May-06 10:14:27

You can get them from Maplins. They aren't quick.
"Slow" is the word you want, often with the word "very" in front of it, you may wish to repeat "very", or perhaps add in "bloody" as well.

Also be aware there are two types of rechargeable battery. NiCd which contain the really toxic Cadmium (bad stuff, avoid), and Lithium based ones, which are rather less bad.

sibdoms Fri 26-May-06 13:06:42

you can get them from natural

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