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Anyone selling a second hand Cargo bike?

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elise23 Sun 08-May-16 17:13:32


I'm looking for a second hand cargo bike to buy. I'm living in fulham>

if anyone is selling one or have anytips !


mumoftwo2014 Sun 02-Nov-14 17:05:52

Hi cargo bike seekers;
I've got a factory new Babboe City family cargo bike (the two wheeler version) for sale. I love my two wheeler cargo bike as it's much more like cycling (if you are a cyclist) than the tri wheeled ones.
The one for sale is unused and still in factory packaging, as bought for a relative who doesn't want it, so still has the full 5 year warranty and comes with the rain tent. Currently on gumtree (in London) if you are interested! Thanks

TopsysMum Sun 09-Mar-14 22:59:48


jostead Sat 04-Jan-14 21:56:49

Picking up on this a few months late ... looking for a cargo bike to make the work / nursery commute work with my little girl and our combined bags. But needs something affordable as just moved house. Are any of these bikes still available? London based. thanks Jo

misplacedseptic Thu 31-Oct-13 12:39:54

I have an orange Zigo 2 seater for sale. A few scratches, usage marks here and there, but in good working order and condition. It's got Kevlar tires and a more comfy seat, plus full (for heavy) rain cover and additional (unused) bug/sun shielf and rain shield (for light rain).
I'm based in Fulham.

samjohnsonn1 Tue 22-Oct-13 11:03:19

I have a blue Trikidoo for sale. It's in great condition, a some scratches on the back/seat area where husband tipped it up to add air to tyres!! He's not very outdoorsy! Other than that it's in great condition. Based in London, N1 smile

Victoria2002 Tue 08-Oct-13 21:25:49

My local Babboe rep (Fulham) was able to put me in touch with a few available second hand when I was looking. Look on their website for your local rep.

mel2005 Tue 06-Aug-13 16:11:22

I have a de fietsfabriek duo Dutch cargo bike with three child seats for sale on eBay at the moment. It's a fantastic bike so easy to ride and i would love to keep it but sadly my twins have moved onto our pashley u+2. I am open to offers.....

annairp Tue 30-Apr-13 18:35:54

Hi everyone,

Would anyone in London be selling a second hand cargo bike Nihola, Kangaroo, Zigo or Cristiana bike?
Desperate to find a second hand one, but it seems pretty impossible.
Thanks very much.

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