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Cooling my conservatory

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Katymac Tue 16-May-06 20:34:47

Posted on this a while ago I'm hoping for some green/eco thoughts now we have a wonderful topic

OK - so I know know I shouldn't have had a's south facing and unbeleivabley hot in the sun. It has underfloor heating so not too bad in the winter but....

However I need a relatively green method of cooling my conservatory (other than extortionatly expensive roof blinds)

I have looked at
a)foil glued to the roof
b)emulsion painted on
c)screens fixed outside (it's a lean to so I can fix at the top - but I'm struggling to work out how to fix them at the bottem)
d)greenhouse paint (?)
e)Dot matrix plastic (sticks by static)
f) Coolkote (sticks by applying wet - then it drys)

Any thoughts on any of these ideas? or any really good suggestions?

sharklet Wed 17-May-06 09:35:05

My mum got inexpensive rush blinds for her from Ikea. They worked a treat as her convervatory is south facing too.

Katymac Wed 17-May-06 12:56:15

I have wooden blins for the windows but it's the roof that is the problem atm

Crackle Wed 17-May-06 13:01:56

I have an oblong shaped sun room that gets roasting hot. Hilarys blinds quoted £1400 to roof blinds. It's a 3m by 4m room. Flippin' rip-off.

We have just strung 3 high tension wires across the room just below the roof panels, equal distances apart. Next we bought some bamboo blinds from ikea, took them off their fixings and laid them over the wires. Looks really nice and cost less than £50.

We can sit in the room now.

sharklet Wed 17-May-06 15:06:18

Thats what my mum did cackle - I am crap at cmpeting sentances though - i do apologise I had a two year old climbing me as I was trying to post before. Mums looks really nice too and keeps it much cooler.

Its work a try and they are pretty cheap at Ikea.

sugarfree Wed 17-May-06 15:09:45

Ikea blinds

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