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Have cuddly animals you've donated to charity ended up in landfill?

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suepermum Mon 14-Jan-13 00:55:13

I've recently become a volunteer at a charity shop and I was shocked to discover they have to throw into landfill any donated cuddly toys which don't have a CE label indicating it has passed UK safety tests. Someone had donated two beautiful handknitted dolls which had obviously been created with a lot of time and love but they had to be thrown into the landfill bin. I offered to buy them myself rather than see them thrown away but this wasn't allowed angry. So if the cuddly you're about to donate doesn't have a CE label on it please find another way of passing it on, maybe through freecycle or selling it at a car boot sale instead of donating it to a charity shop smile. I'm not sure about items which are collected to be sent to orphanages abroad as they may not have to comply with the UK laws. Does anyone know? Thanks.

catwisd Mon 14-Jan-13 14:36:54

This is good to know. Thank you. There was another thread recently about bags of donations being thrown into a skip behind the shop unopened. There must be a better way to manage things!

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