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Eco tots/nature babies business query

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AuntyWytch Wed 21-Nov-12 17:43:09

Hello, I am currently working on a new business venture and was wondering how many of you out there would be interested in a website with both information and baby/childrens' products the environmentally aware, nature lovers & pagans/those following a nature based spiritual path?

With (for example) news of country wide events, fair trade, organic & magical toys and books for all ages... Items and tips for encouraging nature play... Eco baby products... etc... Any parents or parents to be who could spare a moment to drop me a line I with you thoughts and ideas I would be ever so grateful.

Bright blessings on you and all your little ones xx

AuntyWytch Fri 23-Nov-12 13:13:51

Here are a few brief notes I made on some as my ideas... any comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Pagan/Nature Babies

Eco, Ethical & Natural baby & children’s items with a touch of magick…

· Sustainable
· Ethical
· Fair trade
· Educational
· All ages from birth up

Nature related play
· Wormerys
· Bug boxes
· Butterfly Gardens
· Science & Play – Ecosystem - Science In The Greenhouse - Solar Robots - etc...
· Nature/outdoor activities for children
· or magickal, environmental & nature tales for children of all ages (babies up)
· Nature/environmental science books for children of all ages
· Eco & 'pagan' guides to parenting
· Eco nappies,
- Cloth/reusable/washable
- biodegradable
· Biodegradable wipes
· Eco/fair-trade change mat
· Organic/Fair-trade bedding
- Also eco baby/cot matteresses
· Clothes
- Organic/Fair-trade
- ‘Pagan’ designs
- Tiny ‘eco-warrior’ designs
· Baby skin care?
· Bottles & beakers (Eco)?
· Breast pumps, pads etc (Eco)?

Something a little magical
· Baby blessing boxes
· Fertility spells/charms
· Protection spells/charms
· Pagan baby books
· Blog & possible Forum
- Shop news,
- Wheel of the year (seasonal celebrations),
- Green/eco tips,
- Pagan & green parenting
- Spell craft…
- Event news Eco/pagan/nature celebration events happening around the country (mention events store will have stalls at)
- Web design - Ben? (boyfriend who used to work as web designer)

Community activity
· Eco education…
- Workshops etc…
Have degree in conservation & Zoology & experience teaching 5 – 19 year-olds' about conservation/nature (STEMnet)… Bee Work (FOE educator & Truro city bees)… potential workshops at local community field…

JazzAnnNonMouse Mon 31-Dec-12 12:06:18

I would be interested in the ecological side and events in my area (especially free ones!) I would be less interested in the pagan things but don't mind a bit of magic. Wouldn't be interested in baby wish boxes etc.

I would be interested in the toys and books if they were good and not too expensive. Unfortunately Eco things have a tendency to be more expensive and on a limited budget it's hard not to go for the garish plastic shit instead smile

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