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Fuckity fuck, I hope the gvt doesn't start reconsidering encouraging the use of wood fuel

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duchesse Thu 15-Nov-12 16:50:42

We have a new and perfectly splendid boiler, fitted miraculously well considering the alarming length of time it took our heating engineer. It turns out that heating engineer was having major financial problems, and he went bust just after rendering our boiler operational, but before he could issue the micro-generation certificate (MGC) that would allow us to use our renewable heat premium payment (£950 designed to assist in the fitting phase). This MGC is our gateway to accessing renewable heat incentive payments that will help us to pay off our rather expensive new boiler.

The voucher then expired in early November. It was applied for in early May, when the heating guy began installing our boiler and lasted 6 months.

So now we have a boiler that although functioning, has not officially been commissioned (heating guy went bust and lost his accreditation), no voucher for the £950 grant, no MGC, and no RHI payments yet as the government hasn't yet come up with a good system for administering them. Without the MGC we can't access the RHI payments. Apparently they might be near but we haven't seen anything yet to suggest that they are about to begin. I'm starting to feel rather nervous.

duchesse Thu 15-Nov-12 16:51:33

To top it all I just heard something on Radio 4 that suggested that the govt is in consultation regarding the use of wood as an eco-friendly alternative!! EEK!

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