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HOUSE or FLAT with family.

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COLOURmeHAPPY Sun 12-Aug-12 15:05:49

hi, i am a single parent with 3 kids all under 7 years old. i really want to move homes. i have been offered a flat. the flat is nice. a reasonable size. it had a large garden that is maintained by housing association and it has 3 bedrooms. the house i am currently living is was not out of choice, i had to move homes due to a small natural disaster that many residents in thier area lost thier homes or had to be rehoused. i was rehoused in a horrible area that i do not like, it only has 2 bed rooms. its near to where my ex and his partner live ( i see them in a regular basis) and i have bad memories of our unhealthy relationship here and im just not happy here at all. i am still kind of with my ex as he is the father of my kids and very persistant although i do want to start a new life without him. its just hard when we built a home together. he knows how i feel and that im unhappy with him any everything hes done. i just dont want this to seem like im making a rash desicion in moving from a house to a flat and not having a little bit more patience to get a house in a really nice area that i will happily spend the rest of my life. im in band A at the moment for harrasment and dv from drama thats happened over the years. i just dont want to waste the opportunity in getting something better than what ive waited for already. i love the area and the schools near by, and i also have two very good friends living near the flat i might take. i just want a few opinions please. what would you do? the house is a house converted into flats. not a block or high rise. plzzzz help smile

speffles Mon 13-Aug-12 14:31:05

Personally I think that you should find out more about the flat and seriously consider living near your friends. That can make a huge difference to your life when you are going through a difficult time.

I see no problem in raising children in a flat, people do it all the time. As long as it has enough room and your children like it why not? The most important thing is that they feel secure. Changing your situation and living close to people who care about you sound like just what you need.

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