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Where can you buy older chicken meat?

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mabryntqn Fri 08-Mar-13 02:47:27

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ethelb Mon 13-Aug-12 22:16:58

If you are looking for a better taste farmers choice chickens are slaughtered at 12 weeks rather than 6 are free range no additives and British. Other than that grow your own chickens?

MaryHansack Wed 08-Aug-12 00:48:38

halal butchers often do 'older' chicken, as boilers, and chicken mince too.

NotaDisneyMum Wed 08-Aug-12 00:39:21

Not sure if you've found any, but I was chatting to a local poultry farmer at a farmers market last week and she sells her 'end of lay' chickens direct from the farm, all prepared for the pot smile.

If you've got a commercial free-range poultry farm nearby, then why not give them a call and see if they'd do the same?

BlueChampagne Wed 04-Jul-12 13:49:59

Presume you don't have a local butcher. Try posting in 'Food' thread - someone might know a mail-order supplier.

Furball Sat 23-Jun-12 07:19:16

I don't know either and I'm interested too. But for your stews - have you tried thigh? you can get thigh fillets and I always use instead of breast as the meat is a lot more tender and tastier.

I am very aware Tescos use brazilian or dutch chicken in all their processed stuff (whilst we send our older meat to china???? - all this shipping chicken round the world is total madness) so I never buy it. I don't know why Tesco can't jump on the old hen meat and use it in all their stuff. I am 100% sure if you asked the customer directly and said which would you prefer - surely surely surely, everyone would say free range british?

I bought the kievs this week - kiev aint really my thing, but I wanted to support Jimmys plan. To me they were 'ok' (as I said not really my thing) but ds (10) absolutely loved them and said they were really nice. [miracle] - so they will be on the shopping list in future.

The Tescos I went to - which is quite a large store, didn't have his sausages or veal meatballs. - the assistant said someone else had also asked for the veal.

Molehillmountain Fri 22-Jun-12 14:50:08

Just saw jimmy Doherty's programme on chicken kievs and I want to get my hands on some older chicken. I love making stews but slow cooked young chicken doesn't seem to work and I'd love to use chicken mince. And it's cheap and so I could more easily use free range. Where can I buy it?!

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