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How do you dispose of/can you recycle old Dr Brown's bottles?

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duchesse Tue 12-Jun-12 13:57:01

Suspect you may have to just bin em. I have the same moral crisis when I have to throw anything away. There is only so much upcycled tat you can keep...

GingaNinja Tue 12-Jun-12 13:52:06

I'm having a surge of evicting baby related crap spring cleaning and want to get rid of DD's old bottles. We palmed off the diddy/newborn bottles on friends as they were still in good nick.

However, the big 240ml ones are well-knackered and I wouldn't give 'em to the cat to use so don't want to use the cowards way out of dumping them on an unsuspecting charity shop. I can't see any of the normal plastic etc recycling symbols on them anywhere. Does anyone know if they ARE suitable for the recycling bin? Bought them in 2009 if date of production makes a difference.

We have more than enough upcycled 'paint pots' already and would prefer not to add to that particular mountain of shite if possible. TIA

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