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Lazy Recyclers in need of your help

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InOnesSpareTime Sun 10-Jun-12 20:57:03

We have Ikea recycling boxes, just separate recyclables at the point of binning. We have a small pedal bin for compost and a food waste bin for cooked food waste.
It's a bit of a faff at first, but quickly becomes habit. Start off just recycling e.g. Paper, and gradually start recycling more, perhaps introduce a new category each month. It's not really much more work than land filling everything, once you get used to it.
Recycling boxes take up a bit more space than a litter bin so might be best kept outside the kitchen (but not too far away or you won't bother sorting into them).

CanISawItOff Fri 08-Jun-12 13:34:55

I've posted this in chat too before I spotted this topic. We're really lazy when it comes to recycling and greener living and in fairness it's pissing me off that we could do more.

Can anyone recommend some recycling solutions? Bins etc to seperate the waste out and some basics we should be following and could be following easily?

Thank you

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