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Ecover - is it really that good?

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LizziePizzie Fri 13-Jan-12 12:15:35

I have been using Ecover clothes washing liquid and washing up liquid for years, and I mean about 8 years. I buy the big 5 litre containers and fill up the same bottles I bought 8 years ago. I feel good about myself and sleep well at night...


I am finding that I have to use industrial drain cleaner all too often as my drains keep getting blocked and I use sooo much stain spray on my clothes as stains never seem to come out. My whites are looking tired and some hard wearing areas (collars and cuffs) are looking decidedly grubby.

I was my colours at 30 degrees and my whites at 40 (or if I am doing towels/nappies/sheets I'll do them at 60 degrees).

I am beginning to have sleepless nights about washing clothes more than once as stains are not coming out and using so many other products that are harmful to the environment to get stains out, that it’s almost defeating the object of using Ecover in the first place.

Anyone got any magical solutions? The stains tend to be tomato based (pasta sauce) or grease/oil stains, and the blocked drains is oil/fat. And before someone says it, I do try and drain off as much as I can before I wash up.

lubeybooby Fri 13-Jan-12 12:18:14

You might want to sign up and add your feedback on that ^ thread as you have long term experience. Sorry no advice though I've never used it smile

LizziePizzie Fri 13-Jan-12 12:23:01

Just posted and signed up! Thanks!

AMumInScotland Fri 13-Jan-12 12:46:40

One thing I think (hope!) helps with my drains is that I've started using kitchen roll to wipe over any pans with fat/oil in them before I wash them. That gets off quite a lot more than just pouring it off, which I've always done.

For clothes, I tend to use Vanish on any stains - I have it in a bar (like a soap bar) but I'm not sure they make that any more. I also use Biotex to soak things if they are getting bad. I'm assuming that using those when needed is better than using strong chemicals in every wash "just in case".

covkimbo Mon 16-Jan-12 14:32:13

Have you tried BioD instead? They get better results in the ethical living tests and they're a British company too. I use their laundry and cleaning products and love them/ the Multi Purpose cleaner is excellent value as it's so thick and I also really like the washing up liquid. They do a laundry liquid and powder. I can let you know a website to buy from

LizziePizzie Mon 16-Jan-12 17:11:35

covkimbo - yes please!

covkimbo Tue 17-Jan-12 09:04:46

Have messaged you Lizzie

BlueChampagne Tue 17-Jan-12 13:14:31

Hi LizziePizzie you can get Bio-D from Arjuna in Cambridge.

tiredteddy Tue 17-Jan-12 13:23:39

I find a good stain remover is original fairy liquid. Probably less chemical than vanish. I squirt a bit on the stain and leave for a while then put in with the washing as normal. I think it's the way it gets the grease out that is good so should work well with tomato/pasta sauces.

RatDesPaquerettes Tue 17-Jan-12 13:26:32

As TiredTeddy said, washing up liquid is great at removing stains.

RatDesPaquerettes Tue 17-Jan-12 13:27:50

I used the Ecover washing up liquid a few years ago and to be honest, I was not convinced it was effective at shifting grease.

Having said that, it may have improved...

ronx Tue 17-Jan-12 13:30:15

Ditto using Fairy Liquid as a stain remover. I put it neat on stains and it always gets them out. In fact, I use Fairy instead of Flash on my floors and it works just fine. smile

worldgonecrazy Tue 17-Jan-12 13:32:04

We used to use Ecover but have switched to the Method range which is available at some larger Sainsbury's and John Lewis/Waitrose. I've found that much better and smells lovely.

DarlesChickens Tue 17-Jan-12 13:45:56

The Co-op also stock Method and I agree that it is good stuff.

Theonewiththehair Tue 17-Jan-12 13:54:04

I like Method but it's a bit expensive. Also I use the Simply range of washing powder. Co-op and Sainsbury's sell it.

BranchingOut Tue 17-Jan-12 13:59:14

I find that Ecover products are quite variable.

Washing tablets - fine, no problems. However, when we were in a rental property with a dodgy old washer we needed to also use the Laundry Bleach for an effective wash. Happy to use them and don't tend to use anything else on normal washing.

Washing up liquid - great, maybe need to use slightly more than Fairy, but definitely feels less chemically.

Loo product - great, no problems. I am not down there measuring the germ levels, but as far as I can see it works ok! smile

Bathroom cleaner - fine, but I don't think it is the best.

Dishwasher tablets - poor results. Not buying those again!

Theonewiththehair Tue 17-Jan-12 14:03:51

I also think the dishwasher tablets are rubbish and won't be buying them again.

Theonewiththehair Tue 17-Jan-12 14:05:11

Btw do you pronounce it e-cover or Eco-ver? Dh and I can't decide.

lowimpactmama Wed 18-Jan-12 09:21:53

I love the ecover washing up liquid - have also used it for years and years and refill the same old bottles. For stains, I use a bit of the washing up liquid to spot clean once the stain happens.

Regarding the drains, I'd also recommend scraping all grease off pots/pans before washing - oil clogs up drains and problems happen even with the most "grease-shifting" washing up liquid. We take used oil to our local council recycling area whenever we bring big stuff that can't be taken in our weekly collection.

I've recently started used Method for clothes and really like it. I also prefer BioD for nappies, as you can just add it to the regular powder/liquid.

inmysparetime Thu 26-Jan-12 17:07:02

theonewiththehair it is neither, on their website they pronounce it eek-Over.

DaisyLady1977 Sat 04-Feb-12 03:49:03

Have used washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets for years and happy with both. Gave up on the laundry liquid after having our twins 2.5yrs ago as not getting out stains and decided throwing away ruined clothes was less Eco-friendly switched to fairy. Method products are expensive but smell lovely! Didn't know Sainsburys stocked them, they def don't deliver them where i live.

tigerdriverII Sat 04-Feb-12 03:55:23

Please don't have sleepless nights over this. Life is too short to worry about plates.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sat 04-Feb-12 05:49:50

The washing up liquid is great as shampoo if you have oily hair.

I've switched to coop own brand eco laundry liquid as it smells nicer (so is probably not quite as eco).

Finnchic Tue 07-Feb-12 05:15:21

Started using Universal Stone two years ago because some sprays can trigger my asthma.
Brilliant on worktops, sinks, baths, hobs, kettles, tiles - I use it all around the house and it lasts for ages

shopinstore Tue 07-Feb-12 06:43:41

Do Method do diswasher tabs? What dishwasher tabs would people recommend?

(Tigerdriver, I was once smartly told by a friend that if I knew what was in non-eco dishwasher tablets in terms of chemicals, I would not be letting my kids eat off plates with their residues on. Each to their own, however.)

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