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Mooncups - how long before you need to replace?

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babyphat Sun 15-Apr-12 10:02:54

mine is 4 years old, i sterilise in a little bit of milton in a mug of cold water, seems to have survived so far.

CharlieUniformNovemberTango Fri 13-Apr-12 18:48:33

I've had mine 2 years and I've never steralised it....I wash it in very hot water though.... I must have missed that bit. Am I going to die of some horrible infection???

Grockle Fri 13-Apr-12 18:39:19

And no, I don't have a separate pan. I don't even sterilise it these days - I just wash it in very hot water and sterilise every now and then if I remember

Grockle Fri 13-Apr-12 18:38:16

I've had my original for 5 years and it's fine. I just bought myself a new one because the old ones looks a bit yuck. Not that anyone sees it.

supernannyisace Tue 10-Apr-12 17:41:17

I have had mine 2 years or so - and hoping it lasts until I no longer need one...... grin

bronze Sat 24-Mar-12 18:25:59

weird I thought I was in my active convos. Must have clicked on something wrong

bronze Sat 24-Mar-12 18:25:14

pringle it's well worth googling and not a trick at all
or if you don't trust us go onto the boots site and search mooncup as I'm sure they sell them among others

op had mine 5+ years and no troubles with it yet

LemonTurd Fri 16-Mar-12 16:19:01

TheSinglePringle Are you new to MN? wink

Google it. 'Tis nothing horrifying.

Sorry for hijack, but I have a question, do you have to use a separate saucepan to boil them?

I live alone and only have two pans?

TheSinglePringle Sun 04-Mar-12 15:17:54

What is a mooncup? Or don't I want to know? Would google but I refuse to google anything I have seen on MN any more

lljkk Sun 08-Jan-12 12:22:39

I would expect sterilising to damage it if you boil it regularly and long.

Does it obviously leak if filled with warm water, or seem like it's changed shape?

LadyGahGah Tue 03-Jan-12 15:38:05

Mine is two years old, and I won't be replacing it anytime soon

Takver Tue 06-Dec-11 18:58:16

Might the little holes be blocked? Mine was leaking & I cleared them with a pin, which seemed to sort it.

EcoLady Sun 04-Dec-11 22:27:40

I've had mine for 5 years now. Mooncup claim to last for up to ten years.

dollybird Sun 04-Dec-11 14:55:26

Have had mine about a year and a half and this month it kept leaking the first few days, which it has never done before, and it wasn't full to the top. Wondered if the material deteriorates through sterilising?

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