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reusable toilet roll?

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dobeessneeze Fri 14-Oct-11 11:25:45

It occurred to me yesterday that if I am using reusable wipes on my DD's beautiful and precious bum, then why not do it on my own raggedy old bum too?

Does anyone else do this and if so, what material do you use? And do you keep toilet roll for poo/visitors?

I'm sure I'll save a fortune on loo roll.

covkimbo Fri 14-Oct-11 16:41:46

Message deleted

I have often thought about doing this, dc's are both long out of nappies but I still have a box of washable wipes that get used for hands/faces/general cleaning.

Have never quite got round to doing it though.......

dobeessneeze Fri 14-Oct-11 18:12:24

I might give it a go. I've still got half the fleece blanket I used to make DD's wipes so will just do some bigger ones for me. I expect it'll be positively luxurious after the scratchy recycled stuff we're used to.

I had a look at the paperess stuff - might get that for the visitors, but quite like the thriftiness and not-throwing-stuff-away-ness of washable ones. I bet I keep chucking them down the loo by accident.

On a similar note, has anyone tried washable sanitary towels? Don't like tampons so not keen on a mooncup, but came across these while buying washable breast pads and wondered whether they'd be worth a try?

Can I be really odd and say let me know how you get on?grin Am not a weirdo honest, just genuinely interested.

Would really reccomend washable sanitary towels, I have had mine for three years and the idea of disposable ones seems so odd now.

I have ones from quite a few places but the two I would reccomend are -

Luna Wolf


Fairy Hammocks

My favourite Fairies are the Minkee topped ones.

Happy to answer any questions, am quite evangelical about them, I wish I had changed to them years ago.

Ripeberry Fri 14-Oct-11 20:45:34

You'll love it in India, they don't have toilet rolls there. Better get yourself a scallop seashell and a hose.

dobeessneeze Fri 14-Oct-11 21:48:02

Yes I will! I was expecting a response along the lines of 'oh my goodness you're totally disgusting'. I'm so pleased I'm going to get my blanket to cut up right now! I never thought I'd get so excited about toilet roll.

And I'm going to get some of those reusable sanitary towels as well - thanks for the recommmendations! Do you do a separate wash for them, or just rinse them off and stick them in with the regular wash? I guess I could put mine in with the nappies. How many do you need? I might get a few of each to start and can then get more if I need them.

I'm going to save a FORTUNE.

Ripeberry - have pondered this for a good few minutes now, but can't figure out what the scallop seashell would be for? (though might have to get one if I can figure out how it would make me green/thrifty)

Ripeberry Fri 14-Oct-11 21:52:50

They use it to do the 'dirty' and then use a hose to wash the backside.
Take loo paper with you!

dobeessneeze When I started I used to have an old ice cream tub in the bathroom where I would soak my towels until I was sticking a nappy wash on and then I would add them in.

However, I no longer have any in nappies and have got much lazier with time, so now I just give them a good rinse under the tap and bung them in with any 40 wash, (if you do this, you can't use fab. con. like nappies).

I have, erm

2 x massive, for nights
7 x heavy
3 x regular
5 x pant liner

I have too many really now I wash and dry them through my period, but at least I never run out, they are a bit like nappies in that they come in so many pretty patterns, it is always tempting to get a couple extra, when I gave you the links, I had a look round wee notions and considered getting a couple of huge minkee ones for night, as I am not too keen on my current night ones and minkee one are my faves.

It is really nice to have something soft and pretty to wear, rather than a horrible, white, sweaty, scratchy disposable.

Once you have tried them you will never go back. Occasionally I have had to use a disposable in the last few years, mainly while camping, and I wonder how anyone puts up with them, they rustle grin

BerylOfEyeballs Sun 16-Oct-11 15:00:46

I have used reusable sanitary wear for about 7 yrs now. I cut up some muslins for toilet paper but didn't sew the edges and they frayed. Sounds like a good use for fleece though.

TipOfTheSlung Sun 16-Oct-11 15:11:13

fleece doesn't dry you so well because of how it is slightly repellent
An old towel hemmed wouldf be better

dobeessneeze Mon 17-Oct-11 09:02:20

Have ordered some of the Fairy Hammock ones - they're doing buy 5 get one free, so I figured that would be good to start me off. I've gone for a mixture of the minkee, bamboo velour and cotton, in medium/heavy with a variety of fillings. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to my periods coming back now. Goodbye scratchy old sanitary towels, hello fairy hammocks!

Have been on the fleece loo roll for a few goes now. TipOfTheSlung is right about the absorbency - twas a rookie error to use a water-repellent fabric for wees. I reckon I need a few towel ones as well.

BerylOfEyeballs - fraying aside, were the muslins any good?

(Definitely straying into tmi territory now, but WTWTW did ask...) The fleece is lovely for poos though, like really nice! Definitely much kinder on your bum when there is multiple wipings to be had.

Unfortunately DP has now decided that reusable toilet roll is totally revolting and he will not be having any part in it, even though he still thinks reusable nappies and wipes are ok. He reckons that baby poo is less toxic than adult poo. I think he'll change his mind once DD's nappies go from being the breastfed delights that they currently are to the Real Poo Horrors that they will become.

He also thinks that I have gone mad.

BerylOfEyeballs Mon 17-Oct-11 17:40:13

Yep, muslins were fine although I still used toilet paper for a poo grin

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