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Reusable Sanpro. question.

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DingleDangleDiva Fri 17-Jun-11 12:49:53

I have been using washable pads now for 3 months and love them but this month for some bizarre reason I seem to be having a rediculously heavy period and my regular pads don't seem to be coping too well!

So before I bought my pads I had a look at the mooncup and decided against it after reading all sorts of horror stories.

Now though I was wondering a few things:

1. Does the mooncup cope with heavy periods and are they prone to leakage or would I be better just buying thicker pads?

2. I am taking up swimming with a friend to keep fit and was wondering if the mooncup would be any good for that or again would the blood flow out easily if moving about a lot?


Takver Fri 17-Jun-11 18:46:03

I wear a mooncup for swimming and it works fine.

Also find less leakage issues with the mooncup compared to pads. Though I find washables much better than the disposable type so long as they have a waterproof layer.

Washables without a waterproof layer are only good for me at the very start/end of my period - might that be the problem?

laloopi Sun 19-Jun-11 21:39:51

What sort of horror stories did you here? I am delighted with mine, it never leaks even on really heavy days and is so much better than all the alternatives. I haven't tried it swimming as don't go very often but am sure it would be fine, especially if you empty it just before going in.

KirstyJC Sun 19-Jun-11 21:44:34

I've been swimming with it and had no problems. Just empty it first if you're worried. My periods are usually very heavy - as in an extra super-thick fist-sized tampon was leaking after about 3 hours - and the mooncup is so much better. It seems to need emptying less frequently than tampons needed changing. I did use a pantyliner as well for the first few months just because I was worried about leakage but it never happened so I soon stopped bothering. Maybe try the mooncup with a pad as well until you are reassured it's OK?

I've never used washable san pro so can't help there.

DingleDangleDiva Mon 20-Jun-11 12:37:45

Hi all thanks for your replies.

Well had 2 very heavy days and had to double up my regular absorbancy pads but they worked fine in the end, they do have a waterproof layer but I think I would have leaked through a beach towel if I'd have chucked that in my knickers to be fair grin

Thankfully this is unusual for me but I am glad to hear the mooncup is good for general use and swimming, I would probably be using it in the day and pads at night so it sounds good.

I had heard about people having a lot of trouble removing the mooncup because of the suction seal and I have seen a few comments on here about near A & E trips shock which just put me right off before.

clareyfairy Wed 08-Jan-14 10:46:45

I have a moon cup but it leaks when I am very heavy as the blood comes out of the little holes at the top. It's only okay on my light days. I use my own reusable towels made from cloth nappy inserts, folded in 3. No leaks and really comfy as they are cotton smile can use 2 on heavy days but really does feel like a nappy then!

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