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Anyone got a log-fired boiler for heating and HW?

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duchesse Tue 14-Jun-11 21:54:37

I haz many questions if so, oh yes. I need to know everything!

How much wood you get through for your house size, how often you have to refuel in winter, how much storage space you've had to make for the logs, whether you have an accumulator tank, any other kind of renewables feeding into your accumulator tank?

Takver Tue 14-Jun-11 22:53:15

We've got a Rayburn which we burn wood in.

Its a 1980s model (Supreme?), bought 2nd hand from ebay - we were looking at a new wood burning model but friend who installs/services them suggested this model which is essentially the same, but without the 'wood burning' badge. It is supposed to support up to 12 radiators I think, certainly no problem keeping our 1940s 3 bed semi warm. We looked at log boilers etc, considered a log boiler in the garage plus a small wood burning cook stove. Deciding factors for the Rayburn was that we have lived with them before, plus if we ever want to sell the house they're less 'wierd' than a german log boiler!

We thought about going for a more sophisticated system with accumulator tank etc, but decided not to, on the grounds of simplicity, plus the fact that we didn't have the space for a very large tank. We do have a slightly funky valve system which means that the heating doesn't come on until the water going up from the tank / returning from the tank reach certain temps which we can set - we keep them at around 50C on the return so the heat exchanger isn't cooling the fire too much.

We're going to add solar hot water at some point, will either switch to a tank with 2 loops, or alternatively have 2 tanks side by side linked (had that in a previous house with rayburn + solar hot & it worked fine).

How much wood . . . how long is a piece of string . . . Most recently we bought a very big load of wood (can't remember no. of tonnes, will see if DH knows, but £800 worth) which should last us 2 to 2 1/2 years.

Storage space - def. an issue - we have an area by the back door approx 3 cubic meters I'd estimate, plus a woodshed at the bottom of the garden. We also have land elsewhere where the wood lives before its cut up & split.

How often to refill - good question - maybe every hour or so? Depends on hard wood/soft wood/size of logs etc.

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