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Do any of you make your own toiletries?

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YorkieGate Wed 25-May-11 14:37:31

I have just made my own body scrub in an attempt to get my legs ready for summer skirts and its great. I used salt, olive oil and lavender oil and my legs are now smmoooothhh!

So, it got me thinking are there any other things that I can make myself with simple, cheap starting ingredients?

Writergirl Sun 29-May-11 19:55:08

Sounds nice!

You can use oatmeal, yoghurt and honey, I think, as a facial scrub.

Also you can do an olive oil mask for your hair - massage it in - not too much, and leave it on overnight.

For colds and stuff, you can ease congestion by massaging olive oil and cumin (powder) into your chest area, and wrapping this area quite tightly with a cotton cloth. Sleep with it - it's like a vicks remedy.

duchesse Tue 14-Jun-11 21:51:30

I make DD3's eczema cream, after I noticed that the crap stuff (Aveeno) prescribed by our gp seemed to make it worse and more itchy. I then noticed that besides oats, it also contains a load of other synthetic rubbish. I use her cream as well.

It's mostly beeswax and olive oil melted together, with a splash of honey with propolis, wheatgerm oil and tea tree oil. It seems to work on all manner of skin problems including chafing in the winter and dry hands. The only problem is getting hte proportions of beeswax and olive oil right- I usually have to melt and redo each batch several times to get it right, and the honey sometimes crystallises in the process, resulting in little hard granules that DD picks off and eats while I'm putting her cream on. Nutritional as well, then. I could probably knock it out at £6 a jar...

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