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Recycling / donating plastic milk bottle tops

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PigeonPie Mon 28-Mar-11 10:05:54

My Ma used to collect the plastic (blue and green) tops from plastic milk bottles for a charity local to her, but she found it too much hassle when people dumped them on her doorstep unwashed etc so she gave it up.

However, I've still been collecting them (old habits die hard). Does anyone know of another charity which might like them?

mangomay Mon 28-Mar-11 22:52:01

Lol our primary school collects them but depends where you are. We're in West Kent

PigeonPie Tue 29-Mar-11 06:16:40

Thank you mangomay - Kent's a bit far from North Oxon and it wouldn't be worth posting them. Glad to know someone else does it though.

daveamy Sat 28-Jul-12 19:14:36

We are collecting plastic milk bottle tops for a village football team near Preston to recycle them for money for a new and much needed pavilion. does any one have any they don't need? we need 1000's!

CuttedUpPear Sat 28-Jul-12 19:16:28

Lush take them. We save them up for a few months until we have a million and take them in to the shop where the assistants are always so sweet and grateful.

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