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Books about the environment - for children

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2jamsandwiches Tue 19-Oct-10 13:25:47

I'm trying to put together a programme of environment-related activities for nursery age children (2-4ish). Plan is to go in once a month or so and do some sort of activity, sometimes related to the season (planting, harvesting), but also more general environment stuff: reducing energy use, recycling, waste, water, natural world.

I'm looking for suggestions of books for children on these sorts of topics - not heavy going stuff, it doesn't need to be 'worthy' - just stories that can be read to them that relate to the themes.

Ideas I've had so far
Hungry Caterpillar (mini-beasts)
Sam sows a sunflower (planting)
Listen, listen (seasons)

Would be SO grateful for ideas!

polkadottytotty Tue 19-Oct-10 13:55:38

My boys (aged 6 and 4) love this book


It has no words - just shows the scene from a window and how it changes every two years, alongside a boy growing up. The scene starts out as a very rural unspoilt area and slowly changes until their is an airport, skyscrapers, Mcdonalds etc. Stimulates lots of discussion about the environment.

We have had it since my eldest son was 2-3, and it is my youngest son's (now age 4)favourite book.

Would also reccommend Simon James's picture books about the environment : Dear Greenpeace (love this one), Sally and the Limpet and The Wild Woods. Very simple stories and gorgeous illustrations.

domesticsluttery Tue 19-Oct-10 13:58:44

Mine used to love Another Fine Mess when they were pre-school age, it is all about rubbish and recycling

2jamsandwiches Tue 19-Oct-10 14:21:59

oh, lovely ideas - and great to stick them into Amazon and see what else comes up. Thank you!

Any other suggestions? The more the merrier!

Takver Tue 19-Oct-10 16:37:48

Ten seeds is a lovely book.

Takver Tue 19-Oct-10 16:39:35

And Mrs Armitage on Wheels is not only very funny but makes a pretty fundamental point about over-consumption without even really trying to grin

OhYouBadBadGhostie Tue 19-Oct-10 16:40:52

dear greenpeace is lovely.

exexpat Tue 19-Oct-10 16:50:26

Oi! Get Off Our Train! by John Burningham has a strong environmental message.

Also Supermoo by Babette Cole is good.

2jamsandwiches Mon 25-Oct-10 21:21:00

Thank you so much for lovely suggestions. Any others are welcome!

SuePurblybilt Mon 25-Oct-10 21:24:06

Oi get off our train is brilliant for that age group. Suggest "dinosaurs and all that rubbish" - it's stayed with me since my childhood and DD (4) likes it.

2jamsandwiches, can I ask in a really cheeky way why you're doing this? Is it your job or on behalf of a charity?

I only ask because I'm in the final year of a related degree and this would be a dream job for me.

2jamsandwiches Tue 26-Oct-10 14:45:52

It's a nice thing to do, isn't it! Wish it was paid - is very much voluntary...

dylsmum1998 Fri 29-Oct-10 13:58:22

my dd loves this book who will save us

RitaM Sun 12-Dec-10 11:50:54

Barefoot Books publish loads of kids books that would be suitable - see

geogteach Sun 12-Dec-10 12:11:23

Look at the blog ' i'm a teacher get me outside of here', it is by a scottish teacher and aimed at outdoor learning with this age group. I love it.
where i work we have recently started offering story based activities for young kids outdoors, i don't work the day it is on but i know they have used - Gruffalo, Stick man, Hungry Caterpillar, Percy the park keeper, Where the wild things are, Leaf man.

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