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Does anyone use an electricity consumption monitor?

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LauraNorder Sat 09-Oct-10 18:48:36

Is it worth getting one? Can you recommend one?

Lulumaam Sat 09-Oct-10 18:50:03

yes, we do, got one in COSTCO about 3 months ago. it's really good as you can see exactly what is expensive to run and the costs per hour of appliances. best thing for us, is DH finally agreeing with me on the 'walking round turning off lights and TVs' as it wastes money..

CheeseandGherkins Sat 09-Oct-10 18:51:21

Where can you get one from?

Rocinante Sat 09-Oct-10 18:57:57

We've got the Owl electricity monitor which I've found easy to use.

I like it, as Lulumaam says you can see how much each applicance costs when you switch it on and it's a good prompt to switch things off when you're not using them.

Slight caveat - it's on the blink at the moment, we've changed the batteries but it's still not working so I've got to dig out the manual and see if I need to reset the whole thing.

You can get them from Tescos, but I got mine online slightly cheaper.

littlerach Sat 09-Oct-10 19:08:53

We got ours free from the elecrtric company (think it is Eon??)

Dh became a little obsessed with it tgough grin.

The most surprising thing was one of our lamps - with just that on (other than ususal fridge, freezer etc) it almost doubled the total shock

Takver Sun 10-Oct-10 21:07:26

Yes, definitely worth getting one. Not sure that it is worth paying more for a fancy one though.

We have one that shows you total for week, month etc, but tbh it really isn't necessary, if you want to know that it only takes 2 secs to write the meter reading on the calendar once a month.

If I was buying one again I'd just get the cheapest that had a nice clear readout.

hf128219 Sun 10-Oct-10 21:11:32

They are scary! But good - downlighters burn electricity.

Ours was free from British Gas. £5.08 today so far!!

maktaitai Sun 10-Oct-10 21:16:39

I've got an Eco-eye (free through a local Low Carbon group). I absolutely love it. It was really useful to get a price in my head for e.g. top oven versus bottom oven, how much ironing actually costs, all that stuff.

jamaisjedors Wed 20-Oct-10 09:04:25

I wanted to get one but DH is anti.

It's true that we already turn off anything unnecessary.

If I'm cooking something, it's because I need to, so knowing that it costs me X amount won't make any difference, surely?

Takver Wed 20-Oct-10 13:47:07

It helps with spotting things that are left on accidentally (outside lights etc)

It also helps you notice what things are consuming much more than you would expect - so that you can consider ways to change them/use them less etc

I guess if you know that cooking something that takes a long time costs a lot, you might do it differently? (Pressure cooker/haybox/etc/etc)

Rob1n Sat 13-Nov-10 13:37:21

hf128219 - £5.08 in one day, are you sure? Do you have electric heating or something? That was our cost for one week!

No need to buy one, just borrow from the library. You only need to use it for a week or two to see where your costs are. I justed wanted to see which lights were better than others & if it made any difference turning everything off at the plug.

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