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Crazy Healthcare Conga in Tesco Hoover Building in aid of UNICEF-please read

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Arti Mon 13-Sep-10 15:04:05

Dear Mumsnetters.

I'm posting this on behalf of my husband-a GP.

Dear netmums

Please help us raise money for UNICEF by watching our "unusual" YouTube video and forwarding the YouTube video link below to everyone you know!
The video is a Doctor (GP) and Nurse remake of the global YouTube hit: Charlie bit my finger - again!:

(alternatively visit and search for "charlie bit my finger unicef")

We have arranged a Crazy healthcare conga in the Fruit & Veg aisle of the Tesco Hoover Building in October 2010!
The participants will be coming from across the UK and consist of patients, receptionists, administrators, nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals, managers, Mayors and some very special guests!!!!!

The Hoover Building was involved in the evacuation of children to Canada in the Second World War. We hope to raise money for UNICEF to help children in need in the World today.

You can donate money by visiting:

By spreading the video, you will help in several ways:
1) Increase awareness of the conga (and hence help with receiving donations)
2) Increase the chance that Google/YouTube offer to pay to place adverts on the video (which will go towards UNICEF)
3) Might make people smile!

Thanks for your support and for helping us to raise money for UNICEF.

Best wishes

Dr Shanker Vijay

YouTube/Facebook/Twitter: hillviewsurgery

Arti Mon 08-Nov-10 20:43:28

Dear Mumsnetters

You can now watch a video of the Crazy Healthcare Conga in the Tesco Hoover Building by using this link or by visiting and searching for "Crazy Healthcare Conga".

After watching the video, if you would like to give a donation for UNICEF then please visit:

Many thanks for your support,


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