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Cooeee!!! Deemented!!! Jam sponge help needed!

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LackingInspiration Tue 17-Aug-10 17:09:06

Have namechanged - was MrsWobbleTheWaitress last week!

So, got my jam sponges; got my period. All fine this morning, but this afternoon have leaked...but it was half full when I took it out, but all the way down one side and not the other IYSWIM. I didn't feel it slipping, and not sure even if it had when I took it out. Any ideas?

Any other forums you know of that I could ask help from other experienced sponge users?

MotherMoon Sun 09-Jan-11 18:24:32

hi ya, quite new on here not sure what IYSWIM means....but I have used a sponge for ages, they occasionally leak even if they aren't 'blood' full due to the water that its been wetted with...and some times the bowel wall can push it down. If its slipping out then its either too small or its heavy enough to weigh itself down???
hope thats helpful. MM

CrustaceanRelation Sun 03-Nov-13 11:45:34

Sorry for resurrecting - I'm using these for the first time - really nervous about leaking, should I wear a pad as well (always have to with a MC hence trying something new!)

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