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Should I be worried?

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Itsjustme55 Fri 13-Sep-19 22:05:41

So I’ve been with my bf for 4 years.. at the start he'd come on nights out with me and my friends but he would never invite me out.. I’ve only been out with him and his friends 3 times! He said he likes to only go out with his friends and not with me too (only if I was to meet him at the end of the night)... so he has know this girl for quite a few years and he went out a few nights ago and he said he saw her out which was fine... I’m starting to get slightly paranoid (not sure why) so I checked his phone when he went out of the room... on his messages he had messaged her that night they were both out asking if she was still in the night club to which he replied yes.. she then sent him a message in the morning saying that it was a nice catch up because they haven’t seen each other in a while... it’s started to play on my mind because in my head he’d rather go on nights out and meet other girls than be on a night out with me ... am I over thinking this or do I have a right to be annoyed?

P.s I told him that it’s upset me and how it’s made me feel.. but am I being OTT?

Chewysmum Wed 09-Oct-19 21:56:41

Yes, you're being unreasonable. Do you not speak to any other males /text any male friends? Do you never want to go out without BF? If not, why not? Do you have any male friends?
Are you so paranoid that you can't see a simple friends catching up for what it is? This worry over something so benign is not normal, I think you need to speak to someone about it. As someone who has had mental health issues in the past, they're best not ignored. I'd hate for you to learn that lesson once he's already had enough and left. Wish you luck

Itsjustme55 Thu 10-Oct-19 01:06:41

No I don’t mind him going out and meeting other friends, its made me suspicious because he lies and says that he never meets up with girls (which I’ve stated on multiple occasions that’s it’s okay as I meet up with my male friends too). the point I was making was that it’s only ever his friends, and never me! Surely me being his girlfriend he’d want to go out with me? But if he goes out with his friends and my friends then ask me to go out with them he'll moan at me that I should stay in and not go out...he knows I’m not a jealous/paranoid person, if wanted to do something he knows he’d be gone. The point of the post was too get an opinion on if it seemed he’s being suspicious by lying and not wanting me out when he’s out

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