Read messages, found some bitching

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31RueCambon75001 Sun 01-Sep-19 19:32:45

I would do nothing.

Try to take a step back. Ask yourself "am i independent?"
Find somebody else to confide in.

Never let on you read the messages.

Let it make you more independent and resilient around them.

Chloemol Sun 01-Sep-19 19:29:51

I would have texted something to your sister pretending it’s from your cousin, you know somethings horrible about your sister, but pretending your cousin was sending it to a friend and inadvertently sent it to your sister. Then I wouldn’t be engaging with either for a while

Strugglingtodomybest Sun 01-Sep-19 19:07:08

I don't see how you can bring this up without mentioning that you've read her private text messages, and therefore lost any moral high ground you may have had.

Personally, I'd just avoid them both for a while until I got over the hurt, and then I'd find someone else to share my problems with, whilst making sure I didn't go overboard with the moaning.

FredaFrogspawn Sun 01-Sep-19 19:04:30

Just keep quiet and moan less if you think you could. They’re only human.

Ginger1982 Sun 01-Sep-19 19:02:33

Horrible to read that about yourself but you really had no business snooping on her phone.

SpearEyes890 Sun 01-Sep-19 19:01:32

So I go and read my cousins messages in her phone when she pops to loo the other day. Was going off all afternoon and she kept getting notifications from my sister so I got curious. Turns out they were backstabbing me saying I was too needy and moaned basically about stupid stuff. Eg cousin goes "Is she eeeeever gonna drop this whole drama about her boss"" and I'm like thanks a bloody million as I listen to their problems and it's alway fine . Anyway my boss has genuinely been horrible in the past in the way she puts all the blame on me for stuff that wasn't in my remit.What to do ? as I feel v shocked by this and can t speak to them really till I know what to do

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