Really nosy neighbors?!

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Soola Sun 02-Jun-19 09:59:52

Wave and smile every time.

MamatoJS Sun 02-Jun-19 09:16:02

I noticed a few months ago that my neighbors are always peeking out the curtains and into our house. The first time I noticed I was playing with my daughter and I got the creepy sensation of being watched. I looked opposite and could see the neighbor looking at me right into my living room . I always see them peering around and looking through a small gap in the curtain - they’ve become less obvious but I still notice . The strange thing is that now they’ve drawn attention to themselves I’ve noticed that they’re a little strange- they never open any of their curtains except to peer around and they’ve always had a few of their windows soaped for as long as I’ve remembered although I never really thought about it’s strangeness before until I truly noticed them and noticed they were looking into my house. My kids are always playing in the living room and this is making me uncomfortable. Also they’ve now started parking their car directly outside our house when they have a perfect and generous space in front of their house- whenever I leave the garden with the pram it’s now a rather tight squeeze sad

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