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My daughters future in laws

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Classykate Fri 17-May-19 20:42:38

Hi there
I would love to hear what other people think. My daughter and her fiance own their own house amd have lived in it now for a year. They are getting married next week but her fiances parents sold tjeir house and moved in with them a few weeks ago until they find a house. They said they would leave 2 weeks before the wedding but they are still there. They have a married daughter. Why didnt they go there. Am i wrong in thinking this is very selfish of these people. My daughter is really patient but i think her patience is running out.
Thank you

BackforGood Fri 17-May-19 22:30:14

I think it is none of your business.
This is between your dd, her fiance, and his parents.

7yo7yo Fri 17-May-19 22:32:23

Are they from a different culture?
I wouldn’t marry the fucker till he got rid of the parents.

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