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Not sure where to post this

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gauntletthrown Fri 01-Mar-19 18:33:01

Enough really is enough.
They should put the money into actual useful police work like stopping the knife crime epidemic.

SalliSunbeem Fri 01-Mar-19 18:29:28

It's difficult isn't it? But, do SY still fund all missing children? Surely if they do for one, then surely others should also have funding.

BreakYourselfAgainstMyStones Fri 01-Mar-19 18:27:31

Would you be saying that if it was your child that was missing? I would never want them to stop looking.

SalliSunbeem Fri 01-Mar-19 18:25:08

I'm surprised to hear Scotland Yard are extending funds for another year in the investigation into the missing child Madeleine McCann.

It's almost 12 years - surely enough is enough?

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