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SparklesAndUnicorns Mon 17-Dec-18 14:31:16

My friends daughter has only recently passed her driving test and this morning she has apparently bumped a car as she was trying to squeeze out of her parking space, she said she checked the car and there was no damage so she drove off thinking nothing of the matter, she has since then been worrying that she should have left a note on the car just explaining that she had bumped it but not seen any obvious damage, she said that there were a few people around so if someone had been paying attention then they could have taken down her details and she is worried she has done the wrong thing. I have told her there isn't much she can do about it now other than to wait and see if anything happens but what would others have done in this situation? Is it common courtesy to write a quick note or do you think that if there is no damage then there isn't anything to worry about? Trying to set her mind at ease but I am not sure if she has done the right thing or not?

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INeedNewShoes Mon 17-Dec-18 14:41:27

I'm pretty sure the driver is obliged to communicate with the owner of the car.

I actually did this - very gently touched the bumper of another car. The owner wasn't around and I was dashing to a hospital appointment so I actually phoned 101 and reported myself and asked their advice. They said I should keep a notebook in the car in case I need to leave a note in a situation like this.

posthistoricmonsters Fri 28-Dec-18 14:07:44

I did this when I was pregnant with DD1. Left a note even though neither car had any damage, left my number. The owner got in touch to check I was OK. And to think me for the note. Always keep paper and pencil/pen in the car. It's not the end of the world but it's a good idea

endofthelinefinally Fri 28-Dec-18 14:24:20

I would also suggest taking a few photos in case you get somebody trying to blame you for unrelated damage later.

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